Lowrider2 -Jimmy Diresta style

This was modeled after Jimmy Diresta’s “Shop Table” with only a few modifications to the bottom shelf and I welded the legs on the inside of the top frame to allow clearance for the lower Z bearing bracket on the Y-Plates. Don’t judge my welding, I’m not a welder.

It fits a full sheet but isn’t quite able to cut a full sheet. I may change that later with some unistruts, but I don’t ever cut things out of plywood actually so it’s not a priority.

You can see the type of work I typically get commissioned to do. The project you see is a 3" thick Black Walnut desk. All the cracks and holes as well as the logo were filled with white epoxy to give it some pop.

I used to do these types of projects with a handheld router, and flattening with a router sled. It’s really nice to not have wood chips being blown into my face for several hours a day, and the precision is just incredible. Add dust collection to that and this this thing is a dream. The school semester just started back up for me and I think I will legitimately be able to “work” in the shop while I do school work, listen to lectures etc since the semester is basically going to be mostly online.

So huge thanks goes to @vicious1 for the awesome design, and to @jeffeb3 for being so helpful on the forums and for v1pi (I’m a github supporter!). It’s rare to find a community of such generous people, and I’m glad I found this place.


Love it, and the multitasking…chip away at that student debt!

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Looks Great!

Great setup. Huge slabs. How did you attach that 4" dust port?

And thanks for the sponsorship :slight_smile:

Someone on this forum made a 4” DC attachment. Once again, super awesome people in this forum. Final result of that desk top order. All thanks to the community and the designer of the Lowrider2!


Loving that steel frame table. Has me thinking perhpas I’ll buy into a MIG / TIG Welder and have a go myself. Have you considered adding a metal skirt running along the wheel track to alleviate dust forming on the wheel track.

these are good people, they want to help?

I have thought about it. I plan to tack some angle iron or something similar to both keep the wheels true to the frame and keep sawdust out of their path. Haven’t made a decision yet though.

I’m confused by your punctuation. Are you asking if they want to help? And yes, I do believe there are some really good people here, if that was your question.

yes sorry