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About 90 percent of the furniture in our house is built with the Lowrider now. The other 10 percent has got to go.


I want that!

True that!

No better way to start a Monday for me than to read a comment like that!

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You’ve unleashed a monster.

I know people strive for perfection in their builds (and that’s cool!) but I think most importantly this is an insanely accessible low-budget tool that can have a positive impact in design and in the world. Proof of concepts don’t have to be perfect.

Every high school student should be noodling around with a Lowrider.

Even at the level of some fancy grad school – it’s a pain in the ass to jump through all the hoops to get access to a CNC. Projects are restricted by time slots, fascist overlords of needlessly expensive machines and so on. This unfortunate and ubiquitous framework drastically impairs experimentation, tinkering and failure – the essential ingredients of creativity.

I find the Lowrider such a pleasant antidote to this stuffiness; it frees up mental space for me to get down to the business of making objects. No distractions. No barriers. If I blow something up no one knows about it…except maybe my neighbor’s dog.




The inspiration to build this started for this very reason. We had Several fancy CNC’s and it seemed like only two guys were allowed to use them so they sat idle…took forever to actually get to use one.

Okay, second cup of coffee going in, cold pizza for breakfast, and this follow up to the already good post from earlier. Dude!
I get it, I am a numbers guy myself, but I really wish some people would just dive in and try it. There simply is no less expensive way to try out CNC and get usable parts. These builds can get stupid accurate but even if they did not it is still a CNC. I get that some need to analyze every aspect and measure router run out, and deflection, but the second you throw a sheet of $10 plywood on there to be cut they need to realize how ridiculous it is to worry about 1/256" accuracy sounds. I can build nice things with a hand saw…I can make really nice things with a circular saw, it is only better from there. I think I need to change the motto to something like $$$ only buys time in the CNC world, the correlation is not linear, and a fancy machine will not make you any better at it, it will just cost you more every time you make a mistake.


Out of curiosity, what kind of plywood is that made from?

.75 inch maple ply

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