LR 2.5" hose quick connect/LR3 mount

I have a 2.5" hose for my LR vacuum.

I think I am dwelling on the system I want to have for my LR3. I have an accordion hose coming down from the ceiling, and the dust collector is under the table. These are the requirements I think I have:

  1. I want 2.5" to the tool mount. I think the 1.75" is probably fine, but I have the area, I want to use it. Plus, the DC is not as fast as the shop vacs, so it needs more volume to pull in the dust.
  2. I want to be able to quickly clean off the desk. Ideally, I could also quickly disconnect from the core. So I think that means I want a magnet disconnect above the core so I can quickly pull the hose off.
  3. I want to ground the end at the dust collector. I don’t think that’s a huge deal. The cord already has a metal spline/spring.
  4. I want the hose to drop from the ceiling, and not hang on the back/front of the gantry. Just my personal preference. It has so much slack that it really doesn’t add any load to the machine.

I know @DougJoseph made a makita 2.5" adapter. I don’t have the makita though.

I also really like the parts from @CNeufeld and @Paradox_Pete for their 2.5" magnetic connectors.

I just modeled a more generic fitting for my accordion tube:

I think I may just cut that in half, and add some spots for rectangular magnets. I’m printing this now. Hopefully it fits as well as the OEM one I have (that is 20 years old).

I am going to make some kind of short tube to go next to the router, with the mag connector on top. Then I will need to make a non-makita mount, and connect my hose to another magnet connector.

I tried using it like this, and it actually didn’t do too bad. So the bar isn’t super high:


On mine I can easily pull the hose loose from the shoe and clean my table and then snap it back in when done. I do this on every job. I simply don’t use zip ties to tie the hose to the rings that hold the router. The fit in the shoe is so, so good on mine.