LR2 Endstops Rambo 1.4

Power outage happens really often from where I live so I’d like to split my tasks with endstops, however only 1 wire seems to be working perfectly when open/close upon touch. Triggering the endstops on the other 3 wires and nothing happened, it says TRIGGERED whether it’s opened or closed.

The pictures is just me switching the working wire around on each slots(on S and - only)
I’m using the Endstop Wire Harness Set and the Endstop NC switch that came with the Rambo 1.4 (due to my foolishness, I ordered the series set instead of the individual one so I had to use what I can find locally instead) though I tried connecting them directly without the extension wire and still only 1 wire works.
Mainly I’d like to home X & Y for now (I’ll use the tiny touch plate on Z)


I’ve installed V1CNC_Rambo_DualLR- firmware on my rambo 1.4 with VScode, followed the instructions according to the doc.

Right now I’m very clueless on what’s going on, please any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also! I’m really thankful for Ryan and this community for all the advice and guidance here (I like to lurk and read the forums) I could not thank you all enough :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The switches have 3 terminals. They should be marked C for Common, NO for normally open, and NC for normally closed. I can’t make out the markings from the posted photo, but you can use a multimeter to sort it out.

  • NO will have continuity to Common only when the lever is pressed.
  • NC will have continuity to Common when the lever is not pressed, and will disconnect from Common when the lever is pressed.
  • NO and NC should never have continuity regardless of lever condition

The V1 firmware is configured to use Normally Closed switches, so connect the Common terminal to ground (-) and the NC terminal to the Signal line.

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If you are using the endstop wires that come with the Rambo board, be aware that several people on this forum have experienced bad terminal connections on these wires. They had to do one of, fix the connection to the plug, replace the plug, or cut the plug off and solder directly to the switch to solve the problem. If you have a multi-meter, run a continuity test on the wires.

That’s exactly the problem I was having, thank you so much! I’ve replaced the wires and now it works perfectly.