LR2: How much does it stick out?


I need some help with measuring from someone who has built their machine :slight_smile: I haven’t and I do not got all my pieces cut either, but I would love to know some measurements for my table build. My LR2 is gonna roll inside these kind of “slots”:

So my question is: How much does the LR2 stick out from the surface it is rolling on? I guess it depends on how thick the plate is… but lets say that I use a 12mm plate that the motor and stuff are attached to :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t stick out that much, assuming you cut the pipe exactly. Mine is around 6 inches on the controller side 3-4 inches on the other side, and I’d want another inch for the wires. You will have to put the controller on top as per ryan’s design and tie down the wires a lot based on the pic which looks like zero to an inch of room.



IF you are trying to ensure perfect tracking, vs just keeping kids away, not sure it is going to work as expected, but by all means try it, you will still need to be clear all along the Y path, now you have two surfaces to scrap against instead of one if the bit causes it to jerk out of true. In theory the pipes alone should be good enough, if you have the perfect table, in practice you have to start off good from a known clearance position and give it a mm or two extra separation.

Thanks a lot Byron!!

If I put the controller at another place than on the “roller”… Does both sides stick out 3-4 inches?

Mine is 3.25" from the edge of the table and I have it tight. I think 4 inches would be safe if you mount the board elsewhere.

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Exactly what I needed! Thank you very much for your pictures!

How thick is that MDF-piece? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for that, and @dailybombs for the question. I am in the throes of trying to figure out how to get an enclosure to work in the space I have - so was about to ask the same!

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Nice! I have done a enclosure design for our “small” space too if you wanna check it out. Yet another table build

Great idea, use birch plywood instead of MDF the chance of flex is reduced. I made my Y plates out of 3/4" birch for even more strength.

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I always tell folks to plan on 4 inches for wires and whatnot.

Thank you all!

Another question about on the same topic… How much does it stick dooown? I guess it depends on how long I cut the pipes… Or not?

And if I may ask one more question on this thread - “How much does it stick IN”? (below the table)

ie. how much overhang should I allow now that there are no rollers under the table?


Thanks for the link to your other design - just when I think I’ve visited every thread on this forum, I find a really nice one I’ve missed!

Table can’t be any thicker than 4 inches, or the lower plastic parts will hit. Space under that is dependent on how long the tubes are.

Just a couple inches should fine. Look at the rollers that hold the z tubes. I ran mine on an old desk, and had to remove the top drawers, but I had enough room after that.

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