LR2 new build

Finally able to get the machine to the garage! On a temporary table as I intended to go full 4x8 sheet but likely have 40x40 workable as-is so I can at least start on a workflow.

One question, one of the couplers looks a little more open than I was expecting. I suspect this is from my initial running of the machine when I didn’t realize I had the wires in backwards, kept hitting to raise Z and I believe it was lowering it. Does this require fixing or am I OK to continue as is?

I ended up replacing mine when I bent mine in transit. I suspect that you could use it but that it would be hard to square your z as the tensions would be different.

Try printing a pair of of these from @anttix:

To protect your next set.

The two things I would care about are:

  • Are the motor shaft and the leadscrew touching? They should stay that way, and that will ensure repeatable height.
  • Does the leadscrew bind? The point of the coupler is to connect the two parts, but leadscrews are very critical of alignment and having the coupler lets it flew a tiny bit to align itself better.

If those two things are good, then I wouldn’t rush to replace them. But probably order some spares on the slow boat.

I am still running some fairly badly battered couplers inside of these plastic shells. I dismounted them after the “incident” and used two pairs of small needle nose pliers to press the “spring” part back together, coil by coil.

Needless to say I have spares, somewhere …

These “spring” couplers are really not precision parts to begin with so as long as they don’t slip or twist under torque, they’re fine.

@Mcunn will make sure to print this for the next set!

@jeffeb3 yep, everything checks out so I think I’ll order a spare set to have on hand.

@anttix Thanks! Seems like I should be OK for a bit but will order, and likely lose, a set of spares

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These snap around the coupler from the sides so they can be installed even without taking the couplers off the machine. You may need to loosen set-screws on one end to be able to compress them enough to fit though.