LR2 went up in flames, should I build a LR3?

Couple of months ago our garage burnt to the ground, taking my LR2 with it :frowning: While we lost some things more important, was pain to lose all the time put into the LR2 as I had only had it up and running for less than a year !

The LR2 ran well for me, I did need to add side rails to keep it running straight and reprint a few parts that cracked due to me overtightening.

So now I need to start the journey again I am deciding whether to build an LR3 or get something like a LongMill. Advantage of LongMill is less time for me to get going and probably more rigid than LR3 ? Advantage for LR3 is that I can redo my 1500mm x 600mm cut size that I had before, which worked well for me, but I could probably live with 1200x600.

Since the LR3 looks more rigid than LR2 - does that translate into slightly higher feedrates ? Any other benefits people are finding with LR3 ?


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In the meantime I have answered my own question - I have some projects that definitely require > 1200mm x 600mm so LR3 is going to be my best option.


So sorry about the loss you suffered!

Myself, having made and used both LR2 and LR3, I like the LR3 better in practically all ways.

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Thanks for the feedback good to hear you are liking the LR3 upgrade. I have already placed my order to start the LR3 journey ! What are the top 3 improvements for you ?

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  • End stops (really like this).
  • Does indeed seem more rigid
  • Ease of removal from table (both the gantry and the belts) if needed
  • Looks cooler
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Yes definitely like that endstops are there by default. I just need to decide on my PLA colour to deal with the “looks cooler” :slight_smile:

Running at faster speeds? Curious if/how much faster relatively stock build LR3 runs.

Whenever I input the details in the G-Wizard calculator, (1) I’m always pleasantly surprised with how fast it tells me I can cut, and (2) I’m always pleasantly surprised with how fast I can actually cut by following what it suggested. I don’t think my LR3 is significantly different from stock. I am using 1" stainless steel tubes, and 1/4" thick struts. But the G-Wizard calculator does not know that!

On my batch of cuts I just finished (using LR3 to cut more YZ plates for the other LR3 I’m building for plasma cutting), I did profile cuts in 19mm MDF, with a 1/4" bit, DOC (depth of cut) at 4.39mm, ramp (angle of attack) at 30 degrees, cutting speed of 34.5mm/sec, straight down cut (pierce/drill) speed of 23.3mm/sec, and the router supposed to be running 17,000 RPM. I shot video of it, and hope to post it. I’m just thrilled with this thing!


That is a lot faster than what I was achieving on my LR2 - but I did not spend a lot of time pushing the limits


Here’s the video I took, mentioned above: