LR2 with SKR-Pro-V1.2 with TFT35-E3 V3.0

Hi All,

Hope you can help. I just finished Building my LR2. I bought both the kit, the SKR and TFT from V1. everything went together smoothly. I’m able to move the cnc around using the Marlin side of the touch screen but i have no luck with the BTT side. it says no printer connected. However I was able to get the crown to print using a gcode found on here. Also the steppers are very noisy when the print starts or when I move the gantry to the proper location. they just continue to squeal.

Thanks in advance!

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When it says “no printer attached” that means it isn’t communicating. It probably just needs the baud rate changed to 250k. That is in the settings on the tft.

that solved the issue on the tft thanks. now to get rid of the squeal

Stepper motor noise is normal. The TMC drivers can be quieter, but I think we turned that off because the CNC needs all the strength it can get. The noise won’t be noticeable once the bit hits the wood.

oh ok. When I was doing my first set of tests it wasn’t making this noise so I thought I might have done something. is there a way to post a video on here?

Embed a YouTube link.

FWIW, you don’t have to embed it, just drop the link on its own line and the forums will embed it.

ok so I would have to upload to YouTube and then share on here? also should be trying my first cut on foam this weekend. Is there a good first test file for the LR2 like there is a benchy or chep cube for 3d printing?

It doesn’t have to be youtube. But this server doesn’t allow videos to be uploaded. But yes, that is how most videos are shared here.

You can cut the test crown gcode in foam. If you’ve done that, the intermediate estlcam tutorial has a neat LCD case.

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Cut the crown. Then cut my name. So far so good!


Is your name Mark or Kram? :slight_smile:

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:wink: still learning hahah

Kram it Mark. Those are some clean cuts. :slight_smile:


What programs does everyone use for engraving signs? I’m still learning fusion.


Ignore all the scratches, this was done on the back of a different sign, just messing around.

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So i’m working with fusion 360 to create a v cut sign. i’ve set the origin point in fusion. I reset my coordinates before starting the cut. but for some reason the machine starts cutting in the middle of no where.

Hi guys, i have the same problem with my lowrider.
No printer attached. I change the baud rate, but anything work.

My firmware is update, the TFT to, everything well connected, but no move… and the no printer attached

Any idea ?

Nothing will work unless it connects to the printer. So you have to fix the no printer attached first.

Double check the connections.

Is the skr board working? Can you connect to a computer?

OK I found my mistake. I did an inversion on two wires …

It’s good now. thank you Jeffeb3 :slight_smile:

On the other hand my motors make a strange noise: electric like a squeaking or a whistling
when they don’t move !! Wires problem ?