LR3 - Green Machine

Hi everyone. I have jumped on board and started to print off the parts for the LR3.

I’ve hit a bump out of the gate, though. I am using an Ender 3 pro.

I’m printing from my basement - to be clear… mine, not my mom’s :P. I printed out the Y drives with no issue but then started to print the LR Core and it came off the bed - after 14 hours+ of printing.

I’ll go ahead printing the smaller ones, but is there any suggestions how to try and prevent it from coming off the bed again?

Thanks for giving us this opportunity and for any advice,

Hello George! Welcome!

Am using this glue adhesive on my Ender 3 Max glass bed

My printer’s in an enclosed space that’s protected from air drafts and cold.

Printed medium-larger parts with Brim setting for better adhesion.

Some info about resources and settings that worked for me at Purple-black-rainbow LR3 🤷‍♂️ , V1E Kit + Ender 3 Max + 3018 with 3040 ext (in WA, USA) - #9 by aaronse

Personally printed Core almost last and kept tweaking/dialing in settings while doing smaller parts.

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Thanks, Aaron, for the help!

It just clued in to me that my bed isn’t glass. Rather, it’s one of those flexible magnetic beds

For the core, try printing with a brim like was said above. That will give more surface area attached and hopefully prevent it from coming off.

ok, we’ll give that a shot :slight_smile:
Thanks, Jamie

You can use kids glue in your bed (the one comes in stick ) no matter the brand. Thats what ive been using forever and its washable.

I’ll raid my wife’s craft room!

My wife would disown me if i used anything like that in bed! Lol

Ah? We where talking about the 3d printer bed . … You wont need glue as a T booster lol

I know… I couldn’t resist!

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That’s what she said!

I can see how this conversation is going to go… I’m in!

I know, that’s what he said

Try printing with a raft? Rafts seem to help out.
I use a WhamBam plate on my Artillery Sidewinder X1. It is fantastic.

Hmm… I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I am proud. On the other, what do I do with this. now?

I have a quick question about printing the core – When I first sliced it, my default setting had it coming out to a 35+ hour print. I noticed it was putting in supports, but looking at the part and its orientation, it looks like @Ryan artfully designed it so that supports aren’t necessary. Is that right?

With some other tweaks, I think it’ll be down to around 24h now. Definitely the longest print I will have ever made (purchased printer 2/2022).

Also, I’m curious how long the print is taking for others, just for reference. Anyone?

No supports were needed for me. If I remember correctly, it took close to a 24-26 hours for me to print. I used standard quality (0.2mm).

Correct, I hate supports.

Well I run them at 55mm/s, .37mm layers with a 0.5mm nozzle. Takes a hair over 9 hours for me. If I upgrade to a volcano I can get that down even further.

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