LR3 homing problems

I have assigned the Y2 and Z2 stepper motors and end stops to the right side of the x-axis. When I home the machine, if the right side does not hit the end stops first (both Y or Z) the stepper motors will keep moving and skipping steps until I pull the power.

If I make sure to start the right side closer to the end stops, the machine homes correctly.

Do I have those connections wired backwards or is there some other issue?


I’m not completely clear about what is still running when the endstops are hit. In similar situations in other questions on the forum, the issue was that the endstops were reversed at the control board. That is the endstop for Y2 was using the Y1 (Y min) plug. A quick way to check is to trigger one endstop by hand away from the endstops and see how axis skews. The opposide side should attempt to keep moving. If it doesn’t, your endstops are reversed.

A pic of the wired board would help

What board are you using? Which connections on it are used for what?

I’m using the SKR Pro 1.2 and the endstops seem to all be working correctly. When I trigger one side, the other keeps moving. I’ll keep testing and see what I find. Thanks everyone!

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Check that your endstops are being triggered by the correct motor. If an endstop is stopping the other motor, it will keep plowing through the endstop it triggered.