Lr3 prints and ender 3 pro

I bought an ender 3 pro from micro center. Is it sufficient to print the parts for the LR3? What filament should i use? I’m in north Texas, so it gets mildly warm here😄

Ender’s are a lot like politics. Some of us love em, others not so much and some hate em.

I think if you have your machine dialed in, you should be ok. I think you should be fine with PLA or PLA+, but I will leave that to those that live in a warmer climate than Chicago.

My in-laws in San Antonio tell me how it’s 110 in their woodworking shed, in May, at 4 PM. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be very creative at those temps. I think I would prefer to study a tall cold one in a pool somewhere.

Should be fine. Watch comments from others. Calibrate via and that will get your printer in good shape. I really like enders and clones.

Yep, i do woodworking in the garage with 2 ac units and it still hits 100

Uhhhhh it was 106 here today, my box fan felt like a heater. I took a half day and went to the delta to get wet. CNC did a couple sets of flat parts before I left, no worries


I’ve just finished printing on my ender3 - took it slow with the stock standard settings, but I’m very happy with how it turned out.

I’ve done a few test fits and everything seems snug but not too tight

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Where is here?

I built most of the parts for my LR3 on my well calibrated Ender 3 Pro and so far, everything fits , but do have a Sherpa direct drive extruder on it. I also dry all new filament before I use it. Enjoy

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Tracy, CA. about 45 minutes east of Oakland, 45 minutes south of Sacramento.

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Used to live in Keyes, north of Turlock

Driven through there a few times!

My dad retired to Phoenix. Every time we visited, my wife would point out that the oven was a dry heat too…


I don’t know if Ender’s get a bad rep/rap, (sorry couldn’t pass up the pun) because of guys not dialing them in or if their QC is just really bad, and they push out a lot of crap. I’ve not had a lot of bad luck on mine that wasn’t self induced…

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I bought the replacement springs and extruder parts. I also just got a glass bed. Ill do the set up and see how it goes. I’ve been printing toys for my grandkids, so wasn’t worred about precise prints. But now that changed. Oh, and it 105 today. But its a little damp

I kept telling people that in Oman.

That is the tricky part. A higher quality printer has some increased quality that anyone can use. But a lot of the features just make it easier to use (or harder to use incorrectly).

It isn’t all parts either. The prusa original adds a lot of value with the finely tuned spicer profiles. Some popular printers have had a lot of tuning because so many people use it. But other kits with the same quality of parts aren’t as easy because of the missing profile.

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It’s 94F here. I am not a fan.

:exploding_head: really

A little damp means feels like 119