Lulzbot 3d printer

I replaced the board in my printer thinking that was the problem. The problem i was having was none of my axis would move. So I changed the board. Now I turn it on and the screen lights up but nothing on the screen. I have been told I need to flash it. Ok my question is what is flashing and how do I do it. No nothing about that. All help appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t know much about lulzbot, but you pay a premium for service there, so I would expect them to be able to help you. I am not trying to reject you, I just don’t know anything about lulzbot.

Flashing is the process of uploading firmware (software designed to control hardware) to the board. This process to make this happen varies by board and by manufacturer. Sometimes it is as simple as putting a file on an SD card and starting the board. Sometimes you need to set up a whole build environment, compile the firmware to make a binary, and then upload that file via USB cable. In addition, sometimes when purchasing new boards from 3rd-party venders, you first have install a bootloader on your board before you can flash it.

Do a google search for “lulzbot firmware,” and you will find a bunch of links. Seek out the information for your specific board/machine. In a quick skim of the top hits from this search, I found reference to using Cura as the upload tool, so you may just have to find the correct binary and use Cura to flash your board.

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Thank you. Yes cura is what I use for printing. But what is a bootloader

Since they sold out the new owners don’t care about my problems that is why I bought a new board else where.

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A bootloader is a piece of software on the control board that detects either a USB connection or a SD card and allows firmware to be installed. Without a bootloader, a special piece of hardware is needed to install firmware on a board. It is likely that the board you purchased has a bootloader installed, but it is not for certain.

I have not read all the replies to this topic yet. But I have owned Lulzbots for a long time. The only problem with your original control board is the fuse. I would bet on it.

I purchased that rhambo 1.4 board

Here you go Bruce.

Use this link. Downloads | LulzBot
On that page there is a link with instructions and software you can use to upload (flash) the firmware. “One click firmware flashing”. Also on that page are all of the compiled firmwares you would need. Just right click and save as on the correct version of printer you have.


But if you want you can install your old control board and just pull the small fuses from the new board. The old board already has the firmware. The new board has good fuses.

Ryan should have replacement fuses in his store.

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Thank you

No sir not the fuses. I have replacement fuses here. I blow them when I clean the head with a wore brush cause I forget to turn off the printer first. Lol

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What kind of Lulzbot do you have? I loved those in their day. I’ve had versions 1-5 via two machines that were upgraded over time. Currently my V5 has a custom dual print head. I also have some spare parts including one of the Lulzbot dual print heads that I failed to resell at one point.

I have the taz 6 with 2 different dual print heads.

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