LV8729 Stepper drivers with 1/128 stepping

Is anyone using the LV8729 stepper drivers? From what I am reading so far they are about as silent as the tmc2100 drivers & lot less expensive at less than $5 each. I have been looking at replacing the DRV8825 drivers on my MKS board attached to my Delta printer. Up until now, I was leaning towards the TMC2208. I just want them for silent printing & do not need any of the other features. I will eventually switch from Marlin 1.1.8 to Klipper. What I am reading there is that I will probably have to use 1/64 stepping, but should still be fairly quiet.

Here is a video of someone installing one for the extruder driver & 3 TMC2208 on the other drivers.


I have both drivers. LV8729 is quiet, but not as quiet as TMC2208. I installed them on my Delta 3d printer with 0.9 stepper motors and the quality is very similar. But I think TMC2208 is a bit smoother.

Photo: the sample above is printed with TMC2208 with 1/16 microstepping and 1/256 interpolation, another one with LV8729 with 1/128 microstepping