M3.5 comon

Ryan this is question for you. It is possible that you will stop using M3.5 screws and nuts in your project I think you can easily youse M4 or M3 it so dam hard to get hold on M3.5

From here on out I will try not to use nut traps so any size will work.

It is odd to me, here in the US we don;t really have metric hardware, but I can get M3, M3.5, M4 in any hardware store along side the imperial stuff. It is crazy that metric countries don;'t have M3.5. It is a common complaint, designing a product to work with what is found in your local hardware store no matter what country you are in is not an easy feat.

I know it’s crazy for me also.

could the issue be that a M3.5 is actually manufactured to an imperial size but labeled in its metric equivelant…


In the UK its easy to get M3.5 Bolts and screws, but not M3.5 nylon lock nuts I spent a week trying to get them, in the end I just used M3 bolts and nuts and used a screwdriver to trap the nut as I was tightening things up.