M41 s28 error on ender 3 pro when starting to print

I get an error or m41 s28 error on ender 3 pro when starting to print. I changed out the nozzle. any help would be nice.

Are you using Cura slicer? Most likely you setup your printer wrong in the config. Ender 3 doesn’t have a heated chamber. It has a heated bed.

Unknown GCODE warning “M141 S28” : ender3 (reddit.com)

I tried it on another slice and it did the same think. Then I went to slicer and it printed alright. But the slicer one is not as user friendly and the creality slicer. So I went and found the same thing on another website, sliced it and it printed fine. I don’t know what the deal is. I don’t know why the bad prints were printing on the from left side of the bed, half on and half off. I can’t see it being a problem in the stl file.

It won’t be an issue with the stl file. It will be an issue with the slicer. The slicer is adding a GCode command to the file that the printer doesn’t understand. You could open the GCode in a text editor and find it and delete it. The command is “m41 s28”. Just delete it.

I really REALLY like PrusaSlicer. It’s getting better all the time and it rocks. Lots of YouTube videos showing how to use it as well.