A Friend of mine gave me his Mach3 and what I was wondering is what is needed to make it work on Mpcnc.

You’ll need a breakout board, maybe ethernet smoothstepper, and individual drivers, and some time to wire it all up.

Thanks. If your computer does not have a parallel port you can"t use it. Isee why he gave it to me . is there anyway to use it without the parallel port like an adapter or something.

I mentioned the Ethernet smoothstepper. It uses the Ethernet port instead of parallel port.

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Thanks for the help.

u can use the uc100 we have it like this at work we use usb cable

how was mach3 let me know how it goes i was planning to go this route since its what we use here

You didn’t mention what computer you are using. If it is not a laptop, then you can purchase a parallel port extension card, they are pretty cheap.

If it’s a laptop, then I don’t think you can, so you’ll probably need to buy a USB breakout board.

uc100 will solve this