Machine size question

My build is 24x24 built to the recommended sizes using the calculator in the instructions. It also has functioning dual end stops.

Why is it, if I move the x and y out to say 400,400, then zero it out and then try to home it, they gantry will move only to 100,100 then stop. If I home it again, it will then move to the limit switches. It’s like it thinks the machine is only 300x300.

I looked at the marlin files but I didn’t see anything that was obvious to me.

(BTW I’m a novice so don’t yell at me please.)

I think there is a limit setting in the firmware that sets how far it will move before it gives up on a home operation.

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Mike is correct. I have not changed the default build size in the firmware. It is set to 200mmx 200mm. You can either change it or just home twice.

Usually I am within 200mm of “home” so I rarely notice it. Easy enough to change.

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Any idea what it’s called or where it’s at?

Machine size, configuration.h, little past half way down.

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Ah ! same as for 3D printing and bed leveling. Thank you.

I usually just manually push the carriage over toward 0 for the X & Y, that way the home function doesn’t have to “drive” so far.

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Yeah, but I like doing techy junk.

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