Machine stops soon after initial z movement

To get the basics out of the way

  1. Did you buy everything from here?

b)What firmware?
Marlin RC8

  1. Are you using end stops?

  2. Are you using all my recommended parts?
    Yes, but outdated. I’m using the old middle assembly with an alternate coupler ( and z-motor mount ( The optional backlash spring and nut have been removed from the z-axis.

The machine will make one or two movements, usually only up on the z from origin, then stop. Ryan’s helped me a ton with this and it gives me great cuts when it’s working. Prior to this, I had the issue with z-axis diving (missing steps, rt?) and replaced the z-nut lock, adjusted and lubed the rod, then lowered speed/acceleration settings w/ the new firmware (my cuts only call for 1mm/s z speed). We were thinking it could be a speed command (or lack thereof) from bad gcode that was triggering the board to shut off. Last night I tried and failed to to come up with any combination of G-code generating values/repeats in ESTLCAM that would result in a proper speed for z and a higher speed for x-y, separated onto different lines w/ appropriate code.

Then I tried the (Ryan’s logo, attached) and it too stops after a slight z movement up. As do all of the .nc files I’ve produced in the past few weeks that have previously cut fine on the machine.

I’ve checked for loose wires and bad connections along the z. I have the RJ45 connectors as used here: and all looks good. And I have a fan running on the ramps board. Last month I tried to get the machine working on ESLTCAM (latest version) for control (eliminating Repetier Host) and wound up frying the stepper drivers attempting to double check the voltage. This is a brand new card from Ryan, so the stepper voltage should not be the prob.

The machine responds to manual control without hitch via RH (latest version) - no missed steps, buzzing or jamming along the z-axis that I notice.

Does anyone have an idea why it freezes upon beginning a job? Please let me know if there’s any other info or pics I could post to help figure this out

Thanks guys (11.7 KB)

It is your gcode. You are asking the z axis too move too fast. The firmware will limit it for a while, but too many bad commands it will stop. In estlcam set it to repeat the “f” command on every line and specify a speed in the box in mm/min.

If it was my gcode, wouldn’t the run ok?

I’ve performed that step. Attached my settings in ESTLCAM and the gcode they produce. I’m using the highlighted bit settings for all my cuts. This code does not run on my machine - it stops just after moving the z. After trying it several times, it did run for a few seconds, but again froze on a z movement. If I’m reading the gcode right, this solution is applying a Rapid Feed of 160mm/min to not only the z, but also to movements the x-y make for G00 lines. Once the machine starts completing jobs again, I’m hoping there’s a better solution than that for long term. Having to limit my travel speeds to under 8mm/s will make larger jobs really slow. Just a few weeks ago I was cutting at speeds I set via bit field w/out a a problem, it’s confusing by why now an extra step is necessary to prevent the machine from shutting down.

Now I see why folks paste code lol. Here’s the Gcode that wouldn’t attach:

;Project Prindable_TEST__Mod_Under+Over_2
;Created by Estlcam version 9 build 9.018
;Machining time about 00:04:27 hours

M03 S24000
G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000 Z0.0000
G00 Z5.0000

;No. 1: Pocketing: Cutout 67
G00 X46.2916 Y13.1593 Z5.0000
G00 Z0.5000
G01 Z-5.0000 F60 S24000
G01 X44.4806 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160
G00 X47.0973 Y11.7283 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G01 X52.4532 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160

;No. 2: Pocket side wall: Cutout 67
G00 X44.1970 Y13.6047 Z5.0000 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G01 X47.9183 Y13.3795 F600
G01 X52.8344 Y13.1808 F600
G01 X52.7577 Y11.1892 F600
G01 X52.7562 Y11.1668 F600
G01 X52.7060 Y11.1653 F600
G01 X47.6723 Y11.3694 F600
G01 X44.0399 Y11.6259 F600
G01 X44.1970 Y13.6047 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160

;No. 3: Pocketing: Cutout 66
G00 X53.3957 Y30.2240 Z5.0000 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G01 X51.8705 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160

;No. 4: Pocket side wall: Cutout 66
G00 X45.0427 Y31.9671 Z5.0000 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G01 X48.8521 Y31.9665 F600
G01 X53.7179 Y31.8940 F600
G01 X53.7430 Y31.8702 F600
G01 X53.7148 Y29.9381 F600
G01 X53.7117 Y29.8905 F600
G01 X53.6906 Y29.8795 F600
G01 X48.8151 Y29.9506 F600
G01 X44.9844 Y30.0257 F600
G01 X45.0427 Y31.9671 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160

;No. 5: Pocketing: Cutout 65
G00 X53.3623 Y50.4586 Z5.0000 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G01 X52.8188 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160

;No. 6: Pocket side wall: Cutout 65
G00 X44.9554 Y50.6604 Z5.0000 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G01 X44.9611 Y50.6742 F600
G01 X48.7775 Y50.7318 F600
G01 X53.6184 Y50.7855 F600
G01 X53.6770 Y50.7752 F600
G01 X53.6776 Y50.7612 F600
G01 X53.6990 Y48.8290 F600
G01 X53.6887 Y48.7704 F600
G01 X48.8055 Y48.7157 F600
G01 X45.0377 Y48.7156 F600
G01 X45.0056 Y48.7211 F600
G01 X44.9554 Y50.6604 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160

;No. 7: Pocketing: Cutout 64
G00 X47.0861 Y67.5728 Z5.0000 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G01 X44.3544 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160
G00 X48.0739 Y69.0038 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G01 X52.3557 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160

;No. 8: Pocket side wall: Cutout 64
G00 X47.7429 Y69.3099 Z5.0000 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G01 X52.6316 Y69.4881 F600
G01 X52.6581 Y69.4647 F600
G01 X52.7292 Y67.5323 F600
G01 X52.7194 Y67.4724 F600
G01 X44.0836 Y67.1378 F600
G01 X44.0672 Y67.1467 F600
G01 X43.9142 Y69.2168 F600
G01 X47.7429 Y69.3099 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160

;No. 9: Pocketing: Cutout 68
G00 X49.5083 Y70.0026 Z5.0000 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-2.0000 F60
G01 X45.7340 F600
G01 X45.6937 Y70.5096 F600
G01 X45.7144 Y70.6778 F600
G02 X46.1531 Y71.1567 I0.7419 J-0.2393 F600
G01 X46.3657 Y71.2485 F600
G01 X46.6155 Y71.3191 F600
G01 X46.8345 Y71.3562 F600
G02 X48.6767 Y71.4336 I1.3211 J-9.4887 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160
G00 X45.8477 Y70.0026 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-2.0000 F600
G01 Y68.5716 F600
G01 X49.6279 F600
G01 X49.7368 Y67.1406 F600
G01 X45.9615 F600
G01 X46.0690 Y65.7096 F600
G01 X49.8456 F600
G01 X49.9454 Y64.2786 F600
G01 X46.1693 F600
G01 X46.2696 Y62.8476 F600
G01 X50.0376 F600
G01 X50.1298 Y61.4166 F600
G01 X46.3570 F600
G01 X46.4425 Y59.9856 F600
G01 X50.2121 F600
G01 X50.2877 Y58.5546 F600
G01 X46.5239 F600
G01 X46.5945 Y57.1236 F600
G01 X50.3632 F600
G01 X50.4282 Y55.6926 F600
G01 X46.6651 F600
G01 X46.7267 Y54.2616 F600
G01 X50.4871 F600
G01 X50.5458 Y52.8306 F600
G01 X46.7840 F600
G01 X46.8310 Y51.3996 F600
G01 X50.5934 F600
G01 X50.6354 Y49.9686 F600
G01 X46.8723 F600
G01 X46.9135 Y48.5376 F600
G01 X50.6775 F600
G01 X50.7079 Y47.1066 F600
G01 X46.9540 F600
G01 X46.9782 Y45.6756 F600
G01 X50.7332 F600
G01 X50.7585 Y44.2446 F600
G01 X47.0023 F600
G01 X47.0170 Y42.8136 F600
G01 X50.7718 F600
G01 X50.7803 Y41.3826 F600
G01 X47.0270 F600
G01 X47.0360 Y39.9516 F600
G01 X50.7887 F600
G01 X50.7839 Y38.5206 F600
G01 X47.0313 F600
G01 X47.0266 Y37.0896 F600
G01 X50.7740 F600
G01 X50.7640 Y35.6586 F600
G01 X47.0137 F600
G01 X46.9942 Y34.2276 F600
G01 X50.7474 F600
G01 X50.7228 Y32.7966 F600
G01 X46.9747 F600
G01 X46.9420 Y31.3656 F600
G01 X50.6968 F600
G01 X50.6573 Y29.9346 F600
G01 X46.9071 F600
G01 X46.8698 Y28.5036 F600
G01 X50.6177 F600
G01 X50.5690 Y27.0726 F600
G01 X46.8195 F600
G01 X46.7692 Y25.6416 F600
G01 X50.5167 F600
G01 X50.4604 Y24.2106 F600
G01 X46.7117 F600
G01 X46.6461 Y22.7796 F600
G01 X50.3956 F600
G01 X50.3304 Y21.3486 F600
G01 X46.5804 F600
G01 X46.5033 Y19.9176 F600
G01 X50.2517 F600
G01 X50.1730 Y18.4866 F600
G01 X46.4228 F600
G01 X46.3389 Y17.0556 F600
G01 X50.0881 F600
G01 X49.9934 Y15.6246 F600
G01 X46.2464 F600
G01 X46.1458 Y14.1936 F600
G01 X49.8988 F600
G01 X49.8016 Y12.7626 F600
G01 X46.0396 F600
G01 X45.9335 Y11.3316 F600
G01 X49.6924 F600
G01 X49.5774 Y9.9006 F600
G01 X45.8274 F600
G03 X46.5068 Y8.6695 I1.1193 J-0.1853 F600
G01 X46.7567 Y8.5725 F600
G01 X46.9796 Y8.5245 F600
G03 X48.6697 Y8.4696 I1.1564 J9.5521 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160

;No. 10: Pocket side wall: Cutout 68
G00 X46.7960 Y71.6719 Z5.0000 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-2.0000 F60
G01 X48.2790 Y71.8138 F600
G01 X48.5213 Y71.7983 F600
G01 X48.8016 Y71.7288 F600
G02 X49.7686 Y70.6095 I-0.4966 J-1.4064 F600
G02 X51.0084 Y48.1038 I-352.7002 J-30.7169 F600
G02 X50.2647 Y14.8034 I-364.1579 J-8.5257 F600
G01 X49.9246 Y10.1953 F600
G01 X49.8673 Y9.5031 F600
G01 X49.8195 Y9.2552 F600
G02 X48.3098 Y8.0894 I-1.5314 J0.4228 F600
G01 X46.8805 Y8.2181 F600
G01 X46.6158 Y8.2831 F600
G01 X46.3187 Y8.4084 F600
G02 X45.4908 Y9.6237 I0.6294 J1.3185 F600
G03 X45.3754 Y70.5069 I-359.9631 J29.7598 F600
G02 X45.7584 Y71.2791 I0.9421 J0.0138 F600
G02 X46.7960 Y71.6719 I1.2771 J-1.8068 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160

;No. 11: Pocketing: Cutout 70
G00 X18.1116 Y70.0026 Z5.0000 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-2.0000 F60
G01 X14.3354 F600
G01 X14.3801 Y70.5023 F600
G01 X14.4294 Y70.7042 F600
G01 X14.5226 Y70.9091 F600
G01 X14.6194 Y71.0508 F600
G01 X14.7222 Y71.1641 F600
G01 X14.9674 Y71.3465 F600
G01 X15.1718 Y71.4336 F600
G01 X16.2008 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160
G00 X17.9974 Y70.0026 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-2.0000 F600
G01 Y68.5716 F600
G01 X14.2165 F600
G01 X14.1077 Y67.1406 F600
G01 X17.8832 F600
G01 X17.7754 Y65.7096 F600
G01 X13.9988 F600
G01 X13.8990 Y64.2786 F600
G01 X17.6751 F600
G01 X17.5748 Y62.8476 F600
G01 X13.8068 F600
G01 X13.7146 Y61.4166 F600
G01 X17.4874 F600
G01 X17.4019 Y59.9856 F600
G01 X13.6324 F600
G01 X13.5568 Y58.5546 F600
G01 X17.3206 F600
G01 X17.2500 Y57.1236 F600
G01 X13.4813 F600
G01 X13.4162 Y55.6926 F600
G01 X17.1794 F600
G01 X17.1193 Y54.2616 F600
G01 X13.3573 F600
G01 X13.2986 Y52.8306 F600
G01 X17.0641 F600
G01 X17.0090 Y51.3996 F600
G01 X13.2510 F600
G01 X13.2090 Y49.9686 F600
G01 X16.9672 F600
G01 X16.9276 Y48.5376 F600
G01 X13.1669 F600
G01 X13.1365 Y47.1066 F600
G01 X16.8919 F600
G01 X16.8671 Y45.6756 F600
G01 X13.1112 F600
G01 X13.0859 Y44.2446 F600
G01 X16.8423 F600
G01 X16.8274 Y42.8136 F600
G01 X13.0726 F600
G01 X13.0641 Y41.3826 F600
G01 X16.8175 F600
G01 X16.8085 Y39.9516 F600
G01 X13.0557 F600
G01 X13.0605 Y38.5206 F600
G01 X16.8131 F600
G01 X16.8178 Y37.0896 F600
G01 X13.0704 F600
G01 X13.0804 Y35.6586 F600
G01 X16.8307 F600
G01 X16.8502 Y34.2276 F600
G01 X13.0970 F600
G01 X13.1216 Y32.7966 F600
G01 X16.8697 F600
G01 X16.9024 Y31.3656 F600
G01 X13.1478 F600
G01 X13.1902 Y29.9346 F600
G01 X16.9373 F600
G01 X16.9747 Y28.5036 F600
G01 X13.2326 F600
G01 X13.2750 Y27.0726 F600
G01 X17.0249 F600
G01 X17.0752 Y25.6416 F600
G01 X13.3265 F600
G01 X13.3888 Y24.2106 F600
G01 X17.1327 F600
G01 X17.1984 Y22.7796 F600
G01 X13.4511 F600
G01 X13.5139 Y21.3486 F600
G01 X17.2640 F600
G01 X17.3411 Y19.9176 F600
G01 X13.5915 F600
G01 X13.6690 Y18.4866 F600
G01 X17.4216 F600
G01 X17.5062 Y17.0556 F600
G01 X13.7577 F600
G01 X13.8487 Y15.6246 F600
G01 X17.6009 F600
G01 X17.6957 Y14.1936 F600
G01 X13.9406 F600
G01 X14.0469 Y12.7626 F600
G01 X17.8008 F600
G01 X17.9085 Y11.3316 F600
G01 X14.1531 F600
G01 X14.2663 Y9.9006 F600
G01 X18.0162 F600
G02 X17.3494 Y8.6729 I-1.0980 J-0.1985 F600
G01 X17.1440 Y8.5876 F600
G01 X16.8922 Y8.5263 F600
G02 X15.1688 Y8.4696 I-1.1849 J9.7930 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160

;No. 12: Pocket side wall: Cutout 70
G00 X15.5897 Y71.8130 Z5.0000 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-2.0000 F60
G01 X17.1109 Y71.6635 F600
G01 X17.4156 Y71.6009 F600
G01 X17.7418 Y71.4855 F600
G02 X18.2940 Y71.0651 I-0.4765 J-1.1990 F600
G02 X18.4690 Y70.5069 I-0.7592 J-0.5445 F600
G03 X18.3542 Y9.6370 I359.6251 J-31.1136 F600
G02 X17.5398 Y8.4136 I-1.4558 J0.0864 F600
G01 X17.2445 Y8.2859 F600
G01 X16.9269 Y8.2097 F600
G01 X15.5346 Y8.0894 F600
G02 X13.9710 Y9.5653 I0.0227 J1.5904 F600
G02 X12.7353 Y39.5517 I370.0077 J30.2656 F600
G02 X14.0520 Y70.4336 I361.8514 J0.0409 F600
G02 X15.5897 Y71.8130 I1.4881 J-0.1121 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160

;No. 13: Part 23
G00 X21.1505 Y63.8498 Z5.0000 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G01 X21.6448 Y70.2911 F600
G01 X21.6477 Y70.5987 F600
G03 X20.7078 Y73.1391 I-4.0871 J-0.0681 F600
G03 X18.2053 Y74.6813 I-3.6924 J-3.1902 F600
G01 X17.7619 Y74.7788 F600
G01 X17.2888 Y74.8446 F600
G01 X10.7351 Y75.4700 F600
G03 X8.0616 Y74.9585 I-0.4061 J-5.1202 F600
G03 X6.2459 Y73.1766 I1.8514 J-3.7026 F600
G03 X5.7663 Y71.4788 I3.9635 J-2.0362 F600
G01 X5.2790 Y65.0614 F600
G00 Z-3.0000 F160
G01 X5.0841 Y62.0494 F600
G01 X4.9664 Y59.8909 F600
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G03 X4.7714 Y24.0438 I366.5224 J-19.9176 F600
G00 Z-3.0000 F160
G01 X4.8393 Y22.4344 F600
G01 X5.0255 Y18.8701 F600
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G03 X5.7633 Y8.5053 I340.8120 J19.0536 F600
G03 X6.0511 Y7.3514 I4.7962 J0.5832 F600
G03 X10.3501 Y4.4259 I4.2656 J1.6467 F600
G01 X10.8549 Y4.4488 F600
G01 X17.2163 Y5.0409 F600
G01 X17.5872 Y5.0970 F600
G01 X17.9101 Y5.1690 F600
G03 X20.8229 Y7.2512 I-1.1959 J4.7516 F600
G03 X21.5281 Y9.4335 I-3.7770 J2.4255 F600
G01 X21.5289 Y9.9029 F600
G01 X21.2246 Y13.8649 F600
G01 X20.9706 Y17.6783 F600
G01 X20.8728 Y19.4303 F600
G00 Z-3.0000 F160
G01 X20.7575 Y21.4941 F600
G01 X20.6174 Y24.6039 F600
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G02 X20.8307 Y58.6798 I352.6823 J14.8306 F600
G00 Z-3.0000 F160
G01 X20.9940 Y61.5170 F600
G01 X21.1505 Y63.8498 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160

;No. 14: Part 24
G00 X59.0248 Y22.8824 Z5.0000 F160
G00 Z0.5000 F160
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G03 X58.9101 Y59.2390 I-367.0697 J17.0204 F600
G00 Z-3.0000 F160
G01 X58.6830 Y63.3103 F600
G01 X58.6058 Y64.4099 F600
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G01 X58.3067 Y68.6663 F600
G01 X58.0793 Y71.4644 F600
G03 X57.6958 Y72.9773 I-4.4389 J-0.3202 F600
G03 X55.8361 Y74.9310 I-3.7697 J-1.7263 F600
G03 X53.4427 Y75.4825 I-2.2996 J-4.5100 F600
G01 X52.9441 Y75.4571 F600
G01 X46.5556 Y74.8446 F600
G01 X46.1022 Y74.7824 F600
G01 X45.6972 Y74.6962 F600
G03 X43.1752 Y73.1851 I1.1003 J-4.6965 F600
G03 X42.1986 Y70.6587 I3.1121 J-2.6550 F600
G01 X42.2045 Y70.2000 F600
G01 X42.5342 Y66.1129 F600
G01 X42.7094 Y63.6128 F600
G00 Z-3.0000 F160
G01 X43.0286 Y58.4427 F600
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G02 X43.1869 Y23.7177 I-352.0036 J-18.9671 F600
G00 Z-3.0000 F160
G01 X43.1302 Y22.3749 F600
G01 X42.9243 Y18.5444 F600
G01 Z-5.0000 F60
G01 X42.6408 Y14.1582 F600
G01 X42.3164 Y9.9179 F600
G03 X43.0108 Y7.2681 I4.4805 J-0.2417 F600
G03 X45.9537 Y5.1640 I4.1289 J2.6649 F600
G01 X46.3411 Y5.0818 F600
G01 X46.6282 Y5.0409 F600
G01 X52.9844 Y4.4492 F600
G03 X57.7714 Y7.2956 I0.5296 J4.5578 F600
G03 X58.0734 Y8.4458 I-4.4889 J1.7935 F600
G03 X58.7496 Y17.7098 I-322.3130 J28.1829 F600
G00 Z-3.0000 F160
G01 X59.0248 Y22.8824 F600
G00 Z5.0000 F160
G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000 F160


I think your reading the code wrong. It looks fine different speeds for different axis.

Try not putting a speed in the f box and look at the difference.

My cut yesterday worked perfect.

This is not a worka around this is how it is supposed to work. Marlin is just getting stricker on cruddy code.

Then what what could be causing my machine to freeze on the first z-movement if the gcode looks fine?

Below is the log from a failed job w/ this gcode:

17:40:27.778 : start
17:40:27.778 : echo: External Reset
17:40:27.778 : Marlin 1.1.0-RC8
17:40:27.780 : echo: Last Updated: 2016-12-06 12:00 | Author: (none, default config)
17:40:27.780 : Compiled: Dec 11 2016
17:40:27.784 : echo: Free Memory: 3509 PlannerBufferBytes: 1232
17:40:27.784 : echo:Hardcoded Default Settings Loaded
17:40:27.784 : echo:Steps per unit:
17:40:27.788 : echo: M92 X200.00 Y200.00 Z4535.44 E200.00
17:40:27.788 : echo:Maximum feedrates (mm/s):
17:40:27.792 : echo: M203 X190.00 Y190.00 Z8.40 E25.00
17:40:27.792 : echo:Maximum Acceleration (mm/s2):
17:40:27.792 : echo: M201 X500 Y500 Z35 E10000
17:40:27.796 : echo:Accelerations: P=printing, R=retract and T=travel
17:40:27.797 : echo: M204 P400.00 R3000.00 T400.00
17:40:27.805 : echo:Advanced variables: S=Min feedrate (mm/s), T=Min travel feedrate (mm/s), B=minimum segment time (ms), X=maximum XY jerk (mm/s), Z=maximum Z jerk (mm/s), E=maximum E jerk (mm/s)
17:40:27.809 : echo: M205 S0.00 T0.00 B20000 X4.00 Y4.00 Z0.20 E5.00
17:40:27.809 : echo:Home offset (mm)
17:40:27.809 : echo: M206 X0.00 Y0.00 Z0.00
17:40:27.810 : echo:Material heatup parameters:
17:40:27.813 : echo: M145 S0 H196 B60 F0
17:40:27.813 : M145 S1 H240 B110 F0
17:40:27.813 : echo:PID settings:
17:40:27.817 : echo: M301 P17.98 I0.98 D83.62
17:40:27.817 : echo:Filament settings: Disabled
17:40:27.817 : echo: M200 D3.00
17:40:27.817 : echo: M200 D0
17:40:34.223 : echo:SD init fail
17:40:34.254 : echo:DEBUG:INFO,ERRORS
17:40:34.254 : echo:Active Extruder: 0
17:40:34.254 : echo:DEBUG:INFO,ERRORS
17:40:34.255 : echo:Active Extruder: 0
17:40:51.804 : Error:Printer halted. kill() called!

When I get back I can put the old firmware back up (I think I took it down).

Did your machine work with the old firmware?

Dam your right something is not working.

I can 3d Print, and run test scripts but anything generated from estlcam fails…testing a fix now

Hey, yeah, I think it did work better prior to the RC8 update. Thanks for all the work man

You can try reducing the Z max speed, just send this gcode prior to running the “killing” gcode file:

M203 X190.00 Y190.00 Z7 E25.00

This works for me.

It is just with estlcam I think. Sorry this is in two threads now but I am working on it. all the slicers work fine, image2gcode works better, the speed corrected torture test works perfect…just estlcam.

Is this for the printer, or the cnc? I’ve been using the latest beta of estlcam for the last two days of milling on my z touch plate, not noticed anything funky.

Thats what I thought Barry. I milled a job just fine. It doesn’t work now with ESTLCAM, How are you generating your Gcode?

It is definitely an issue with estlcam. The first 3 commands do not get issues speed orders “F300” and Z commands are getting speed command the same as the X and y not the Z speeds no matter What I do.

I emailed Christian. I hope he has an easy answer. Sorry for all the hassle folks.

I’m using estlcam to generate the code. See attached. Speeds for the second part are way too fast, but that was my mistake. I redid it with a slower feed rate and it ran fine. (318 KB)

That didn’t work for me crashed right away. You are using RC8?

Yep, flashed right before I started doing all the aluminum milling. That’s weird. Is there anyway to see what firmware is running without a screen? Maybe something failed and it just looked like it flashed…

You should be able to see the version in repetier. alt-p or printer menu the printer information