Made a Bit Box/Container

I have started collecting collets, endmills and other bits for my Dewalt 611 and wanted a place to put them. I found a design for milling one - but I wanted a printed one with a cover, so I edited the basic design in Illustrator and made a quick design in Tinkercad (haven’t jumped into Fusion 360 yet). The side needed some art so I found some random logo on the internet to use. Red for sharp! Zip with STL for those that want it. I would suggest under sizing the lid a bit to get it tighter depending on how accurate your printer is. Mine is spot on and the lid is too loose.

[attachment file=104562]

[attachment file=104561]


That’s great. Love it.

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Oh yes!

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Well I guess I am not in trouble for grabbing the logo. I wasn’t sure what your policy was on that since it wasn’t stated on the logo page.

Heck no!

I am starting to realize I need more concrete rules for things, up to this point I have had no issues but now I am really trying to figure out where to drawn the line.

The zip file I uploaded only had the cover. This zip has an STL with both items and they are laid out to print.

[attachment file=“611 Collet & Bit Holder with”] (108 KB)