Made a flag for once

After all this time, I’ve finally made a sign. Poplar with black paint.

I am usually more interested in “experiments” but this idea just struck me out of the blue and I just had to make it.

I surfaced my spoil board after updating my test pattern generator to make the surfacing gcode.

I hit it with a bit of clear coat to prevent wicking of the black paint into the wood, then came black and then a lot of sanding to remove the overspray.


Sooooo hard to keep the paint from bleeding. I just tried some brushable laquer on one. I hate cleaning brushes, but that stuff is pretty thick and looks promising. Might be worth the hassle.
Sign looks nice, though!

Shouldn’t you have that sort of language behind a spoiler tag? There might be kids or wives in the room…


I think I might be slow but I don’t get the sign. Lol

It’s a reference to the Texas revolution of independence from Mexico.