Magnetic knife block

I made a magnetic knife block that has turned out pretty well :smiley:

Started with a nice piece of wood from a tree that was felled in my back, cut out a rough board with a chainsaw, let it dry for a couple of months and got a carpenter friend to plane it.

After that I milled some deep slots into the backside. Used a 32mm long 4mm single flute bit, and it felt like I was pushing the machine to its limits.

Glued in 12 neodymium magnets, each can hold 14kg, but with ~8mm of wood in front it’s closer to 1kg, enough to hold the knifes securely.

I mounted a square steel tube to the wall, the block holds onto this with the magnets.

The wood was sanded and coated with transparent satin laquer, and it was done :slight_smile:


Brilliant and love how you used the same magnets to stick it to the wall. Nice interesting piece of wood.

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Yeah, dual purposing the magnets for easy mounting is a great idea. I think I’m stealing it…

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To late already done :innocent:

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