Major LR2 Dilemma

I’ve been collecting parts for my LR2 since last July and finally started printing parts last week. I’ve got the YZ parts complete (in a light gray) and will either do the X carriage in red or orange (need to see which looks better).

Here’s my dilemma though: What do I call this thing?

My initial thought was to christen it “The Creeping Terror” since it, you know, creeps along the table and this build has been creeping along for 14months at this point, and I used to be a big MST3K fan. However, since I ended up doing most of the parts in gray and I live in the hometown of Red Grange I thought that “The Galloping Ghost” might be more fitting and I sort of like the absurdity of saying the machine ‘gallops’. Finally (and going back to the funny movies) there is “The Silver Hornet” from The Revenge of the Pink Panther.

The project is at a standstill until I can get this figured out ( :wink: ) Any advice.

This is what the existing parts look like.

[attachment file=114354]

“Blue Wheels of Lightning”

Sorry, you asked advice from an absurdist… :wink:

“Blue Wheels of Lightning” has an “AliExpress item description” ring to it which I happen to like (especially since I sourced a lot of the components from that site…

Gray ghost.

Cyberman…Err CyberRouter?

Going with the CyberRouter theme, how about War Machiner?

I’ve had 99 red balloons stuck in my head since reading this, BT…

Lol. I had a good laugh when I read your post @jeffeb3, since I thought of the Avenger War Machine when I saw the picture (thus war machiner). In a typical fashion only available since the invention of google and the interwebs, I looked up the history of the song 99 red balloons and learned something new. I never paid attention to the lyrics and 35 years after I first heard the song I find out it is about the absurdity of a war starting over balloons.

Funny enough, it plays on my pabdora station, or else I would have mostly forgotten it. “The War Machine Springs to Life” feels pretty appropriate when it lifts off it’s base.

I like how the prop department just phoned it in on the guy on the right.


Well my final color scheme may be decided by the fact that the spool of red doesn’t want to stick to the bed at all (but the orange is more than happy too. So advantage: Galloping Ghost at this point…

Dang. If you got the red going, you could go with a cylon theme.

(just finished the entire Battlestar Galactica for the second time)

The good version, or the new one?

The one with the cool Starbuck… :smiley: