Maker's Muse, Angus, has an opinion of the MPCNC

Well he is now my favorite youtuber…


Nailed it on the head, really. The fact that he already has a CNC and recognizes the value of the MPCNC is really apropos.

Yup, I am happy.

Can we get the “out of data didnt watch” clif notes?

He said he doesn’t plan on building one as he has others, cool project for those who don’t want to spend much and have a 3d printer, “pretty neat”, he also thinks it is rigid for what it is.

That was it, more than an hour stream but just mentions it for just over a minute. Just kind feels cool because he knew the MPCNC meant Mostly printed CNC and had a positive comment about it. So many people make such crap assumptions about it it is pretty refreshing to hear a positive assumption (unless he has used it somewhere, there are a ton of aussie users).

Been following him for a while on and off. Easily one of the best 3D printing channels I’ve seen so far. He has mechanical design experience, so he recognizes good and bad designs fairly well.


I love my MPCNC, but it is the very first public version with the exception of the corner blocks. It has been moved and reassembled a few times and the PLA simply hasn’t held up. No fault to the design. I can’t wait to fix it up (aka build newest version) after I graduate and have my printer back up and running.

I don’t think there are to many who have moved it, and if they have hopefully not more than once. A few of mine go though many cycles of building as I prototype stuff and or update things but I tend to do all my hardware loose, where as some split there parts from gorilla tightening the bolts. I do see how moving it a few times could cause issues though if you aren’t moving the whole table.

Well, the moving process wasn’t easy on it. Once from where I built it to home 300 miles north. Partially disassembled. That move wasn’t too rough on it (some parts damaged in junk shifting), but the rest were. It has moved 3 times in the house to different locations. All 3 times it was assembled but not screwed to a solid base. I think the main thing is that there is a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. I accidentally left it assembled in our garage through a cold winter. The PLA was super brittle when I went to move it inside.