Making Cura print an STL file that is too big for the profile provided for the Ender 3

Months ago I modified the XZ_Main to accomodate the NEMA 23 Z-axis stepper motor as well as moving the X-axis stepper between the rails (1" conduits). As a result the overall dimensions are 246.4mm x 57mm x 50mm, which does not fit within the allowable print area of my Ender 3. Not wanting to take on another project (custom Ender 3 profile) at the time, I decided to split the XZ_Main into 3 sections using countersunk 3mm holes and nut traps to fasten it all back together after printing. That all worked as planned and I have even posted videos here of my Lowrider using 4 of these assemblies.
Recently someone told me they have a printer with a larger build surface and asked if I could provide the XZ_Main as one STL file. I did this for him and uploaded it to my shared folder.
I decided that now was a good time to look into the possibility of making Cura have a larger allowable print area for the Ender 3. After a quick search I found the following information:

Question on print bed size settings - Ultimaker Cura - Ultimaker Community of 3D Printing Experts

where GregValiant discussed “machine_disallowed_areas”.
I modified the file creality_ender3.def.json as follows:

“machine_disallowed_areas”: {
“default_value”: [
[[-125, 125], [-125, 120], [125, 120], [125, 125]],
[[-125, -120], [-125, -125], [125, -125], [125, -120]]

Then I was able to open XZ_Main and center it on the bed running from the lower left to the upper left and IT FIT!
If you find yourself in a situation where an STL is slightly bigger than the profile for your printer in Cura allows, you can probably print it with a little effort.

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im wondering if you just set the print to run from both opposite corners. I think it would gain about 25 mm. what do you think?

If I recall correctly I adjusted the bed profile for my Ender 3 and then rotated XZ_MAIN 45° to allow it to print.