Makita router mount & dust boot - now on Thingiverse

Exactly. Early days I kept telling people no Z axis mounting and added it to the instructions, everyone started doing this stuff. Yes it is slightly better than a Z mounting but only by a tiny sliver of a fraction better. If you need slack give it a turn and mount it directly to the gantry, from there is should then be mounted to a corner, stepper or overhead. A vac hose hose hanging off a table has a HUUUUUGE load associated with it.

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Well, now it’s showing up… I swear, I’m not crazy! At least, not that flavor of crazy… My crazy is completely different.

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I have an overhead arm and spring retracting vacuum hose so it shouldn’t create too much pull.

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Finished my dust boot, I think. So far it works great. Almost all the dust is sucked up and very little is blown all over the place like it was before with the downward fan.


Digging the hose clamps!! That’s an awesome design.

Nice job. Great modelling. I would like to relocate my vacuum tube from the front to the side. Right now it interferes with homing the x and y and I have to remove it to reach the endstops. I think I have had about ten different iterations.

Did you just add a longer bolt for the bearing holder bolt? I’d like to get mine off the Z carriage tubes and onto the mount.

Yes, I replaced the 1.25" bolt with a 1.5" 5-16" one. I also updated the design slightly to clamp instead of just the screw head into the pipe, as it still had a bit of wobble. I also made a 90 degree cord clip for the power cord that’s easily removable (non-warranty voiding :slight_smile: )


Can you share some details on the dust boot? I can’t tell from the pic whether it’s got a brush or not.
I went big and tall on my dust boot and more dust than I would like just escapes out the back side - thinking your short and small boot may be an improvement. Thanks in advance.

No brush, just a ring with about a 10mm edge on it. Works really well at about 1/8" above the material.

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Thanks! I’m printing my take on that right now to see how it works with my router (DW661). Probably going to eventually be stealing your tube mount design also…

It’d probably be pretty easy to mod this for the 661 since it’s only a few mm difference in diameter. You can’t steal it, I’m giving it away! :smiley:

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You can’t fire me, I QUIT!


I did a small dust test with your design on my machine – and I’m glad (sad?) to report that it seems to work better than my much larger, more complex attempt:

My only concern is that it’s not going to react well when I run into a clamp (which I’m sure I’ll do eventually) :wink:

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Yeah, I ran mine into a clamp already, ruined the cut… but it was a trial anyway so no huge loss. You either have to clamp away from your cutting area, or make it a little bigger to accomodate a very short brush, maybe 20mm max. I’m considering how to angle it so it doesn’t go as low all the way across.

Or just raise your shoe up so it clears your clamps. Having a space might help with dust collection anyway. You need airflow to pull the dust, the faster the flow, the better it will be. Kinda like sticking your thumb over the end of a hose. There’s a sweet spot where you get the most pressure(spray distance/air speed). Too closed, and you can’t flow enough fluid(air) so it doesn’t go as far, or too much and you get a lot of fluid(air) but not enough velocity and it still doesn’t go as far.

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This one seems to work best at 1/8" above the material, but I’m just using a small shop vac and 1.25" hose to 1.5" PVC pipe.

I’m currently printing to confirm fit, but I’m adding the following parts to my thingiverse: Newly redesigned parts that remove the lower air deflection section to allow for larger dust boots with a brush, which I’ll also be working on next.

edit: Fit is good.