Makita RT0700C sold out everywhere

I’ve been collecting things for my build, here in the Netherlands the Makita RT0700 seems to most obvious choice, it goes for around E165,- ish, if I could get one. However it’s sold out just about everywhere for some reason.

I’m wondering if there is a new one coming out, or is it just supply issues due to COVID?

The only alternatives seem to be a “Bosch GFK600” (without RPM control) for around E180,- but I might need to design my own mounting bracket (wich is fine). Or are there people that already have this router working?

Or should I just settle for the european DeWalt flavour D26200 for around E225,-

choices choices… help?!

There is also the Katsu router. It has the same shape factor and is very cheap.

A quick check on ebay from the Netherlands shows this


I have one and am very happy with it. It looks like a Makita but I’m assured it isn’t underneath. Here in the UK, they are even cheaper. I paid £29, around 32Euros including postage.

I thought I’d try the Katsu and then if it didn’t work out, I’d get a Makita or a Kress. So far not a problem, though a 1/8" collet is about half the price of the router, so I’ve avoided that.

Hope this helps,


I’ve seen that one as well, but how important is RPM control? Because that’s missing on the Katsu (and some other options).

It has a six way RPM wheel on the top. I haven’t found any issues with using it. It seems to work for me.

I don;t have the RPM’s controlled from the control board if that’s what you mean.

Not sure what else is missing, it has a number of collets, and you can buy more on eBay or Amazon or whatever. I’m told that all the Makita collets fit, but they are expensive and I’m cheap.

It might help to state what you need it for and why you think the Katsu won’t work for you. Its not quite as nice as the Makita but I have no complaints about using it.


I ordered mine in Amazon in early July and got it two months later. All the local dealers also told me they couldn’t get one. It is COVID related shortage. Same goes for Katsu routers, which I thought about buying, they increased in price (I did not buy the Katsu, it seems to be not as good. Tests show that it is not the same internally as the Makita). Order it now, be patient and finish the build in the meantime. :slight_smile: