Marking messages 'Read'

I have been looking everywhere for an option that will mark all messages ‘read’? Is that available somehow and I am just missing it. I am on many different Forums and this one is the only one that I can not find out how to mark a topic or forum like"Random or Off Topic" with all its messages as read.

I don’t think Ryan has ever enabled that function…

I use GD bbPress Toolbox Pro. Best I can do is lower the time it stores the unread messages. I don’t have as much control as you would think. I used to be able to set that Notify box as pre-selected, they took that away as well. I you find something I will try it though.

We were about to switch to discourse but we need more server power and an unfortunate series of videos has impeded the income enough not to make a 10X monthly cost server upgrade not feasible at the moment.


Wish he could enable that option. There are areas of interest and others not, same with individual topics. It would make it so much quicker to identity what is of interest and what is not with this option.

Edit: Ryan, saw your message after I replied. Sorry about that.

Just read them all :slight_smile:

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I work off the ‘topic freshness’ view ( and I at least click them all. Some topics I skim more quickly than others. I find it easier than navigating to posts scattered across all the sub-forums.

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