Marlin build on 3D printer board for MPCNC

Hey guys, so i have a a 3D printer Board brand Mingda and i do have the Marlin source code for it board model (MD301. V1) S

I want to compile tge firmware using it source to fit the MPcnc Primo

Can you please tell me which lines i have to change to make it work?

Also since its a 3D printer board it have 5 drivers
2Z 1Y 1X 1E which i meed to chmage to be
2X 2Y 1Z, also to add dual endstop on both X and Y axis

I know it could be much work but i think i can do it with your help

Thanks in advance!

Didn’t we tall about this a lot here?

Why the new thread?

sorry that this is my second post… i just want to know which lines to change and i need to assign the drivers Pins. :frowning:

if its hard then i will delete this post… but i really can’t find help anywhere else…

I thought Robert’s answer on the previous thread was a good one. You can compare what you have to one of the working configs. I don’t think there is a perfect list anywhere. This is why we work so hard to make some configs that we know work.