Marlin + corner touching possible?

Has anyone gotten corner touching to work with marlin? I’ve searched and searched but hit dead ends. I have a skr 1.4 with 2130s

Do you mean using end stops to home to one corner? If so, yes this is done using the dual end stop firmware(for your board) with physical end stops. Some have used sensor less homing as well if the drivers support it.

No I’m referencing a corner touch plate that sets the z,x/y to a work piece. Mpcnc btw

Marlin does not support it natively. So you can’t just put the gcode on an SD stick and let it run. But you can make it work with control other software like ESTLCAM. If Estlcam is connected to your Marlin based machine it can send the gcode commands and do the corner finding and even 3D surface mapping. So you could engrave onto a 3D surface like your computer mouse. Never tried it myself but I have seen it working on YouTube.

I stand corrected. Estlcam controller can not be used with Marlin either.

Well darn, my current hardware is skr1.3 with 5x tmc 2130s. I do have a bunch of ardunio boards but only megas which I don’t think estlcam work with either. I’m having trouble finding a controller with 5x drivers that work with estlcam

Estlcam will work with Mega2560/RAMPS configs. It wont be as full featured as with other boards, but the basics are there.

Estlcam isn’t actually used with Marlin, GRBL, etc., but writes its own firmware to the boards. It actually takes about 10 seconds to write the firmware and you’re ready to go. I use a Mega328-based (GRBL 0.9-1.1 with PWM in the Estlcam list) board with my MPCNC and do everything directly from Estlcam. Now, this is of course, outside the mainstream of the V1 gospel, so your mileage may vary, but I like the way it works.

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