Marlin download for RAMPS 1.4 + A4988?

Hello there,

I’m finishing the build of my lowrider2, got everything wired, but I cannot find the good marlin zip file to download for my setup. For the RAMPS, I found one that would work with the DRV8825 driver which allows 32 micro steps when the A4988 only goes up to 16.

Is there a version of marlin I could download in the pre-configured firmware repository for my RAMPS 1.4 + A4988 drivers ?

This is what i bought :
Arduino Mega 2560 + RAMPS 1.4 + A4988 drivers + LCD 2004 Controller

And if there is nothing yet for this particular configuration, can anyone give me a link to a good tutorial so I can learn how to configure it myself ? Or just explain it to me if it’s simple ?

So I downloaded the “Marlin-MPCNC_Ramps_T8_16T_LCD_32step” folder because it is the closest to my setup. I read somewhere that marlin needs at least 1 extruder to be able to run, so I’ll leave the line as it is.

define EXTRUDERS 1

But for everything else that is not strictly necessary on a CNC, can I simply add // before the lines I dont need ? Like every other lines about extruders, temperature sensors, heating bed ?

Another question : Which of these should I chose ? Assuming I power the entire thing with only 12v5A input and that there is no 12v11A output at all ? does it matter ?

#define BOARD_RAMPS_14_EFB 1020 // RAMPS 1.4 (Power outputs: Hotend, Fan, Bed)
#define BOARD_RAMPS_14_EEB 1021 // RAMPS 1.4 (Power outputs: Hotend0, Hotend1, Bed)
#define BOARD_RAMPS_14_EFF 1022 // RAMPS 1.4 (Power outputs: Hotend, Fan0, Fan1)
#define BOARD_RAMPS_14_EEF 1023 // RAMPS 1.4 (Power outputs: Hotend0, Hotend1, Fan)
#define BOARD_RAMPS_14_SF 1024 // RAMPS 1.4 (Power outputs: Spindle, Controller Fan)

and I have so many more questions… help :raccoon:

solved !

I only needed to configure which LCD screen I was using.

I’ve run that setup.

If you run that setup, start with Ryan’s preconfigured Marlin.

Comment out the lines for showing the custom boot screen (the 2004 doesn’t support it) and the full graphic controller

Uncomment the line for the reprapdiscount controller.

Halve the steps per unit if you are using the A4988s. I was using DRV8825s with mine, so didnt have to do that.

The V1 build for Marlin is nice, has good features and usability, configured for the CNC work coordinates among other things that out of the box Marlin doesn’t do.

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Building this LowRider2 was a huge adventure ! It was my first build and I learned so many things. I’d like to make it easier to understand for beginners tho. Finishing the assembly, I thought I was half way through but I was not. It just started :slight_smile:

Still had to understand how to wire everything, how to adjust the VREF value on the drivers, how to power the RAMPS, how marlin works with the gcode, how to square, how to set origin… Now I’m starting to learn Freecad slowly.

Hopefully this forum exists !

From my own experience, I can confirm that this forum indeed exists. It’s purely a subjective experience, but I’m quite confident that it relates to an objective phenomenon that is shared with quite a few others. I would be very surprised if I was able to make up this whole place in my own mind, the MPCNC sitting in my shed is a living proof in itself.

(I’m sorry, ill show myself the way out :dizzy_face:)


I think he might have been praising this forum for assistance with the MPCNC, and hoping that a similarly helpful form exists for Freecad.

Anyone here know of useful “Learning Freecad” resources?

Internal autocorrect read that as “THANKFULLY this forum exists.”

As to learning FreeCAD, I found a few useful tutorials, but can’t seem to find where I stashed the links. I’m able to sort of totter along. I’m still better with tools like TinkerCAD for many things, which is sort of wrong, but I got to be able to do some pretty complicated stuff with that. Definitely not better for the CNC, but I could make some pretty involved 3D prints with it.

I know I know… I just found the phrase funny and couldn’t resist the bait…

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My figments are apologetic now I think thefore I am?

No it is not about that. But thanks ! There is plenty of tutorials online.

:smile: excuse my english

I am now trying to understand why my two stepper motors on Z axe not always moving together. They are wired in series, they both go the same way, and when I control them with the LCD everything is fine.

But when I start my cut, one of the two always goes down a few turns while the other stays at the same position. And then it starts moving perfectly together again. Is it common ?

P.S. : I dont have endstop.

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For the moment I’m drawing on inkscape and I use two different online apps to generate then modify my g-code (I use jscut and ncviewer). But it’s a bit complicated to switch from one to another. I would like to know if there is a software that is free and that allows you to generate, preview and modify a g-code at the same time ?