Marlin firmware Updates

So, I see Marlin is on and 2.1.1 respectively.

How is it for our machines, is it better to keep updating, or is the old philosophy of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it work here?

We haven’t updated the MarlinBuilder releases recently. We probably should.

Ryan likes to keep pretty up to date. He watches the release notes and tries out the latest releases.

I like to know the firmware is stable. And besides that, it takes a lot of hours to test updated firmware. So I am in the camp of not breaking what works.

But we did make it pretty easy to change the tag name that gets used to build the .zip files. To actually do the update, we make a tiny change to the code and then make a release. It will then move all the firmware builds to the new version. Unless there is a problem. But we still need to do some testing before we release things, at least on the common configurations.

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let me know if I can help. I really do not know that process and would like to learn. I have the ramps 1.4 and would enjoy learning.

Currently the nightlies have an issue with the Marlin side of the LCD’s There is no return button. So if you make any adjustments or anything during a cut the screen gets stuck on whatever screen it is on for 15 minutes or so.

We are due for an update soon because they just revamped the entire laser control section again, so now I/we need to test all the laser settings again and reset our firmware to match. So I would wait.

I try to only bump it up these days if something important changes, since most things these days are just adding and fixing board configurations there is not usually much need to update on the CNC side. I have been testing the new MP3DP v4 firmware and when that is done I think it is on to the laser stuff then a release if it actually works.


Speak of the devil, looks like the literally just fixed it,

I will try it out tomorrow I hope, if I can get the new printer config in the builder.

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