Marlin Hack for RC7 - Show Percent Complete

I’m impatient… it’s just who I am. On my 3D printers, I run a modded Marlin RC7 with the Full Graphic Controller and one of my hacks is to show the percent of my print that’s completed. Figured it should fit in the firmware for the MPCNC as well, so here it is for interested parties.

You’ll need to be running the

  • Full Graphic Controller
  • Marlin RC7 (which is the one listed on the main site here)
  • and run from an SD card. It only shows when doing so.

You’ll need to know how to edit and flash your code with the Arduino software, there are plenty of tutorials on that process so I won’t detail it here. Basically you download the software, compile and upload the firmware and presto! Bob’s your Uncle.

Here’s the edity parts…

Open the Marlin folder and find the “ultralcd_impl_DOGM.h”. Open that in Notepad or better yet, Notepad++ and find line 379

That’s the block that needs editing. Make it look like this!

Save, Compile, Upload and you’re golden.

Here’s a copy/paste of the highlighted code above, just make sure it goes in the exact spot and you code looks just like the pic.

    // SD Card Progress bar and clock
				// Progress bar
				u8g.drawBox(55,50, (unsigned int)( (71 * card.percentDone())/100) ,2);
				// Percent complete
		else {
				// do nothing
		u8g.setPrintPos(82,47); // move time display to the right