Marshall's MP3DP V2

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MP3DP V2 is working well. I just keep tweaking and mess things up. :slight_smile: I switched to polymer bushings. Jury is still out on those. It is much quieter, but there is considerable drag. I went with the speed, 3point base. PEF on glass. Still fighting bed level.


That is a nice drag chain.

I love how easy it is to modify, right? Thank you for sharing.

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Basic printers, with common parts are awesome for this kinda stuff!


What issues are you having with leveling? My setup steps. Move it to a semi permanent location, each time you move it you need to start again. Lever the X axis as best as you can with the tops of the motor mounts to the bottom of the bearing housing. Heat the bed. Move the nozzle to the two screw side of the bed, level it front to back relative to the nozzle by moving the bed and adjusting the screws. Move the nozzle to the middle level the one screw side without adjusting the two screw side, by moving the nozzle left to right. You should have a planer bed and gantry . Then just adjust the z level screw with a few test prints.

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Thank you both. Ryan I went through the leveling process again. I am using a glass plate with PEF. No longer have a problem with Adhesion. I have gone mostly PETG. However, I cannot seem to get my front right corner level… The glass is flat. Thinking maybe a problem with my y_bed_bearing_blocks. I have been replacing PLA parts with PETG. I will print some more of those. Do you mind if I put up the mods I made for the cable chain on thingiverse?

No, Feel free!

Are you sure nothing is hitting under the bed, if you go too low you can hit the wires (or zipties if you put them on with the clasp up) and that throws it all off.

Remixed few things to mount an e3d v6[attachment file=73150]

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Could you post the STL for your extruder mount? I am out of patience with the MK8 clone.

MP3DP V2 Modified for a cable chain found on #Thingiverse

Could you post all the remix parts for your e3D V6 please? I have something I have cobbled together but I am losing bed space and Z height.