Massive Rattling front to back

So after I rebuilt the Z (just re tightened nuts and bolts) the X is PERFECT. the Y WAS perfect, but now its grinding like INSANELY hard.

For instance just front to back is rattles so hard (its not the conduit, they have been worn down) it shakes the bench etc.
When i hit emergency stop the right Y axis carriage offsets a few mm to compensate for how badly it was off.

So my question, can overtightening z axis cause this? the bearings by the looks of things are spinning on the conduit.

Im at a loss… the reason being i ran 4 hours of break in (to wear the conduit etc) and it was flawless the entire time.

Any ideas?

update… it rolls as smooth as it should when not running on stepper power…

However, nothing changed. i mean i rewired the connection (to put in a quick disconnect) but didnt change the hipot or anything on the board.
and like i said above, it ran great for hours in a test.

If it isn’t too much work, try removing the belts one at a time testing to see if that fixes the problem and if the motors are spinning correctly. If one motor isn’t working it will take a lot more work for the other motor to overcome it. Also if there is any sort of a short on a stepper it might cause it to lock up making the other one work a lot more.

If that isn’t it, then I have no clue. Maybe the quick disconnect you added is messing with things.

I just went to the last thing that changed, and that was the wiring of the stepper (to put in the quick disconnect).
Rewired that with the same brand/model parts as the X axis and it appears to be working lovely again.

Now i just have to find a way to make this laser mount work.