Material thickness LR3

What is the thickest material you can cut with the new LR3? I see it has a max 1 1/2" depth cut but what is the material thickness that will fit under machine. Will 2" thick rigid foam insulation fit. Thanx ahead of time.

The machine has about 3" of Z travel. What can fit under it depends on how you designed the the table, and how you configured the tool…

Assuming that you have the tool set up so that the mill can cut all the way down to the clearance of the machine, and that it has 1" or less of cutting depth, you should be able to fit 2" foam board underneath.

That is not really an easy question, or at least not a common one. The machine has ~80mm of travel. That means you have ~40mm of cutting depth if you can find that long of an endmill. Not material thickness is completely separate from that number and is not constrained in any way.

If you need to cut a 40mm hole in the end of a log you can, you just need to make a table (drop table) that can accommodate your material height. The only limitation here is that 40mm.

The most common use for something like this is surfacing slabs. You make a deep table and the machine is only cutting a 1/4" or so off the surface but the slab is 4-10" thick.


If the machine has ~80mm of vertical travel, can’t you arrange the table so that you can have ~80mm of cutting depth, assuming that you can find a ~80mm long endmill ?



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HAH! Yes, true!

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I am sure business is pretty good for you, but how (and maybe where) are you getting slabs 4-10" thick. And at what dimensions without having to give up shares and future profits??!!?? LOL
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I have a few friends that live in the extreme northern end of Cali. Just a few years back giant slabs were not all that expensive. It used to mean lots of processing to do at home. Now that live edge is back…Yikes.

Right on!! It’s good to have friends like that. I have a friend that had a Maple tree fall on his property last year and he gave me two 4’-ish logs from it (I think it was 23" across at the widest, and 17" at the thinnest part of the logs). I found someone locally to mill it into 1.5" thick slabs and they’ve been sitting in the garage ever since. Should be dry enough now to start doing something with!!!

Right!! Th guy I had mill the maple for me has his own board shop and I was looking at a slab of white oak…‘whistle’…I couldn’t justify anything that I would want to make out of it for the cost! lol!!

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