Matterhackers E3D sale going on.

Just a heads up, E3d tweeted that MatterHackers is having a sale on hot ends and parts right now.

I was looking at the E3D tutorials/assembly instructions (the dozuki, not the wiki) and they are really clear, and great quality:

I wonder how much dozuki costs. I also wonder how hard it would be to replecate some of that with something like readthedocs.

I checked early on and it was some of teh most expensive software I had seen monthly. I like the way it looks myself. I tried to replicate it on a few pages. I think I had seen it on IFixIt early on.



Are they hiring? Geez!

HAHA, this was my attempt.

That’s pretty good. I imagine just taking the pics is the hardest part. I hope the formatting isn’t too terrible.

I noticed in the instructions for V6 assembly that they don’t have the tip I added to the Prusa website. Check that there is nothing inside the PTFE tubing before assembling it. :slight_smile: I spent a week or two troubleshooting that issue…

Also,don’t use PTFE tubing to remove your own boogers.

What was in it?