Matticustard's Musings - I Can Never Get Enough Speakers

You may have noticed from my previous posts that I really seem to love speakers…and it’s true. A little over a month ago, I purchased a new vehicle and decided to go all-in with the audio install. This is a crossover project using both the LowRider and the MPCNC — other than the acrylic and engraving which I did on the CO2 laser.



Fascia (LowRider2 and MPCNC)

Chamfers and roundovers…

After milling rear of panels/prepping to wrap… (some designs change later)

Pressing/locking the quilted pattern… (really happy with how this came out in the end!)

Adding acrylic for LED illumination around speakers (sanded/frosted to scatter light) & additional milling due to design change…

Subfloor Speaker Box Beginnings (LowRider2 + table saw)

A quick peek under the hood. Some changes were made to the design before completion as the rear corners did not fit properly in the vehicle. They had to be notched.

Cover (LowRider2)

Carpet could match a bit better, but it works for the time being and allows me full use of the cargo area when needed.

Thanks for Looking!

One more of those cool night shots for good measure…


nice! What is the center thing? I know nothing about Audio equipment, but it reminds me of an old tape deck, but I know its not

If you mean the silver objects between the speakers, they are the amplifiers for the whole-vehicle system. I also replaced the front and rear door speakers in the vehicle, but that was not particularly relevant to this forum as their replacement did not require any use of the CNC.

There are also two additional devices in the slot beneath the amplifiers for sound processing (DSP), but they are not easy to see, as space was limited and I did not intend to display them.


I used to compete in IASCA SQ+ with my first Supra in the 90s. (Not an easy car to build for that)

Of course I didn’t have a CNC machine to do the amp rack or enclosures. Wow, what I could have done if I did.

Sweet setup, I hope it sounds as good as it looks!


That’s awesome!

There’s still a lot of fine tuning to do, but it’s coming along. I think my neighbors are starting to wonder what I’m doing in my driveway sitting in the back seat with a laptop and earmuffs on.

Got to get those RTA measurements…

Wow, that is honestly the most stunning setup I have ever seen.

Fancy used to mean you splurged on carpet, this is so far beyond next level. Amazing work, every step is simply awesome.


I cheated.

For the wife’s Jeep, I just went with the JL Audio stealthbox. Just putting a decently powered sub back there woke up the audio a ton compared to the stock anemic sub.

I tucked the amp and line converter into the spare tire wheel well under the back carpet.

Prior to kids, I put a 12" in a custom fiberglass enclosure in the back of an old Dodge Stratus. I haven’t done much car audio since then. It was nice playing around with running wires through a car again.


JL Stealthbox is a great way to go! So long as they make one for your vehicle.

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I think you’ve done a great job so far

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