Matticustard's Musings - Large Format (67"x48") Wall Art

I made this a while ago and never got around to posting, but it caught my eye earlier today and I thought I’d share. I had needed something to fill a fairly large wall space and couldn’t find anything I liked to purchase. It doesn’t have quite the flair as some of my projects, but it has become a part of the home. Don’t mind the dust…

It’s huge, at 67"x48", with the attached cherry frame. It’s made from two separately milled halves, joined with a plywood backing, and has a French cleat for hanging as it’s far too heavy to hang by normal means. It was finished with a variety of oil paints, both sprayed and sponged on.

The Design
I’ve had good luck with Etsy.

The Tool
I used a monster bit, but I’m sure you could use something smaller and cheaper. It just might take longer.


Wow! How long was the mill time on that?

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It’s been a while, but I would guess 6-8 hours per side (half).

I’m sure there are no shortage of opinions on this, but I have installed a number of turret cams in my garage and am able to monitor my machines from my desk with both video and audio. I also have 6 monitors, so there is no shortage of space to always keep this in the foreground if a machine is running.

I work from home and am in front of my computer the vast majority of the day, most days, which means lots of time to mill. I can also control the machines remotely with v1pi and CNCJS. But if there is ever an issue, the garage is only 20 feet away.

I also have a fire extinguisher at the ready, and heat sensors in the garage that are connected to the monitored alarm system.


That just knocked my socks off!

Super impressive, I have been dying to do something big like that. Thank you so much for sharing that.


As an alternative to a vector file purchased from Etsy, I’ll piont out that Sandify will generate svg files, so it should be possible to create your own unique designs…


Absolutely, and thanks for pointing that out.

As for myself, I am proficient with Illustrator, so I could totally create my own unique designs or trace existing images to vectors. But sometimes I find something I already like. And there was still a fair amount of design work that went into preparing the halves for milling.


That’s just COOL!

I was at the MOMA in NYC once and one of the exhibits was tacks in a wall strung with elastic string. :roll_eyes: I think MOMA should be monitoring some of the very creative people in these forums! :grinning:


Well one thing is certain. I cannot EVER let my wife see your posts. :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

Your work amazes me. Everything you make comes out so flawless. You must have some extreme patience for sure.