Max feed rate for steppers.

Howdy. Wondering a couple things. Is there a firmware limit on max feed rate? Or a physical limit on the steppers / overall machine build? I’m running the standard kit from V1 with a full rambo with dual endstops. I’m cutting PVC foam board (Azec) and it seems like I need to go fast to avoid melting. I pushed it to 150 ipm (64 mm/s) and it seems to work ok, but I think wants to go faster.

What type of endmill? Single flute is what you should be using, each flute doubles the speed you need to go.

Yes, Both. the firmware is set at 100-120 XY, Z is 10-30. At those speeds you have very little torque left. You can either cut deeper , lower your RPM, change endmills, or change to larger pulleys.

Understood. The FW limit must be why the speed increases I tried didn’t really feel like a big boost. I was using a single flute upcut as well as a solid 90 deg v-bit. I’ll bring down the speed of my router too and see if it cleans it up some more. Thanks for being quick to respond!