Maximum height of tabletop?

Just started to build the table for the LowRider2.
While watching a build along video on youtube I saw that the guy ran into troubles with the height of the tabletop because it interfered with the y-plate setup:

Can someone give me some advice about how heigh the tabletop can be without interfering with the y-plate construction? I already tried to find the information here online but could not find anything that made sense to me.


I just found this picture online where the y-plate setup does not interfere with the frame of the tabletop at at all because the lower holders for the z tubes seem to be outside of the table frame:

So I am bit confused now :thinking:. Can somebody shed some light on this issue?

There is a note on this page in the ‘Table’ section.

Ideal table thickness is 4″ or less.

Uh, thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
Must have missed that when I read the instructions. :no_mouth: