Maximum Size on 24"x24" table - without protruding out.

Hi everyone,

I am planning to build a small machine that would fit on a 24"x24" 3/4 MDF board. This way, it would fit perfectly on my bench and would be small enough to be portable. (On the small side since I am planning to use it for PCB milling, light wood milling and 3d printing)

However, I may want to build an enclosure around the MDF board to keep noise and dust in… How close to the edge can I put the feet and still maintain a reasonable distance from the edge so that if I put walls around my table, it won’t interfere with the belts and other items that may protrude out?

How high an enclosure would one need to build to put a “lid” on top of the enclosure?
A simple equation like this would be useful:
Min Enclosure Height = Usable Height + Stepper Height + Clearance + ?mm

On a similar note, the screw holes on the feet are on one side only; with a slot on the other side. Can I rotate the feet so that the screws have plenty of material to bite into (putting the slotted corner in the corners) without affecting the geometry or the ease of squaring?

I would say use the calculator and add 1" minimum to the table dimensions, That would give you probably 1/2" clearance from your box.

Height depends on your stepper motor size. So z rail length + leg length + motor length + plus a little extra 2-3" for breathing room.

You can do whatever you want with the feet, screws out is generally the strongest option. With 8 screws holding it down each one sees very little force.


I’ll use 23"x23" as my rails for my 24"x24" table. On the assembly page you indicate that the table needs to be 1/4 in bigger than the rails. With 1/8 on each edge, I didn’t think the screws would really have enough to bite if they were going to be on the outside; Especially considering that it won’t really be a table with legs but simply a board resting on top of a bench. With 1/2", placing the screws out won’t be an issue.