maximum warp

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Make it so!

I cannot do it captain, I do not have the power.



Are you trying a belt Z on an MPCNC?

Good guess, but no. It’s Dave’s camSlider.

Is your printer in an enclosure? Just blocking any breeze from the sides tremendously reduced warping for me.

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Sort of. It’s in my office, which is in my house.

I just cleaned the PEI and reran it. I do still have quite a few warping issues. Maybe an enclosure is the next step for me. I feel like both my printers have such a funny shape that the enclosure is going to double the footprint though.

I don’t think it needs to be a fully sealed enclosure, so gaps would be OK. If you approximated the shape of printer supports with something that could lift off, but have a hinged door in the front, you could limit the impact to primarily the height.

I was having that problem with my XY parts (and roller mounts, for that matter), and what actually solved it for me was lowering the temp on my heated bed, and not overheating the PLA (assuming you’re printing in PLA). I keep the bed warm on the first layer or so to help get good adhesion, but then let it cool down a bit to let the PLA set. Otherwise, I think the whole thing stays too soft for too long, and, well, suddenly you’re off in the Gamma quadrant with a holographic doctor and a Borg officer…

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You say that like it’s a bad thing!


I’ve actually printed abs with a paper ring bigger than the print and about two inches high just sitting on the bed. Keeps the area around the base warm until the print gets tall enough. As long as it’s not attached to anything the print head can move it if you don’t have it positioned right.