Maximum Wheel Size ?


First post here. I’m planning to build a CNC for a while, I want to begin small (about 24x24 inch (610mm) working area) to begin with and I wish to keep the cost as low as possible (and upgrable if possible). This build is awsome, since I have eveything in stock, except the wheels, bearings, GT2_16T (But I think I got some 20T, maybe I can use them and update the firmware?), steel tube and some wood for the frame, so the starting cost is very low !

So, to the question :
80mm rollersblade wheels seems more common where I live, is this too big ? I guess it is, looking at the bearings that are near them, but it’s hard to say.

16t provide more torque, if I remember right 20%. 20T will work though.

You’re looking for hockey wheels. The bigger ones will work but you will need to compensate by using a thicker spoil board and a thinner table. I do have the wheels in the shop.

cool thanks!

I might orders from your store (mosty to encourage you and your design), but I’m in Canada, is this okay?

I ship world wide.