Maze Patterns

I don’t think anyone has mentioned doing maze patterns with the sand table. Seems like this could work, but the ball would have to retrace its steps quite a bit. Might be interesting to watch. The following online maze generator will create the walls of the maze or the path in pdf or svg. I have used this to create a cutting pattern in wood.


That is very neat software. All the parts are connected, but they are not in only one line. So you’d need to manage it by traveling to a dead end, then retrotraversing to the previous T until you had done the whole maze. But even then, there is one path through the maze that would separate the two halves. There might also be islands in the middle somewhere.

I have been thinking about maybe putting handles on the stepper motors. It would be pretty cool to see what the motors are doing. But then, you could have it finish a maze, and have someone try to etch-a-sketch their way through the maze. Or you could wire up a joystick to control it too.

A lot of these patterns are neat for line art as well. Making mazes with a pen would be very easy with this tool.

I think the maze pattern would look very cool in sand. As Jeff mentioned, you couldn’t draw it correctly if it isn’t all one line, but it might still look cool if the islands were connected here and there, as long as the travel moves were horizontal and vertical.

I know, old thread…

I used my Mazemaker program today to draw a maze on my brand new (yet unfinished) table. Couple of things I learned…The trace distance should be about the diameter of the ball (for this version I used 10mm distance and a 3/8" ball) and the sand/soda layer should not be more than 1/3 ball radius to avoid washout of neighboring traces.

The ball creates the entire maze and returns to the start point without jumping between areas (assuming the home origin is chosen as start for the maze)

I hope the video link works this time…

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I wanted to attach the g-code for others to try but apparently this forum does not allow .tap file attachments?

That is cool.

I don’t know what a .tap is, but it will accept .zip or you can rename the gcode to .txt.

I’ve checked like 20 or 30 mazes, no islands :slight_smile:

Yeah, that would definitely be awesome with a joystick. Also to have some software limits so that people couldn’t ruin the maze by bumping on the walls, they would only be able to remain on the tracks.

Now I want one!

Or even two: draw two identical mazes and race a friend!!

.tap is a common g-code suffix for routers.

Should have thought of just renaming it…see attached LighningBoltMaze.txt file.

Let me know if there are incompatibilities with your preferred controller.

LighningBoltMaze.txt (195 KB)

I compiled of special version of the Mazemaker (more details here) code optimized for the sand table.

Well, I also know that you stingy folks (ahem, I mean thrifty) would not pay for it anyway… :wink:

So I disabled the demo version limitation for the sand table parameters.

If that sounds interesting, I will wrap it into an installation package and post it.

I’d love to play with it. :slight_smile:

I started a new thread for that: