I got some printed parts burly J 1" but on vernier scale the inside diameter of foot is less than 1" I cant understand why??? The vernier is not faulty i m sure. Help form u will be appereciated where am i making mistake.?
Thanks in advance

If you print a 50mm square, is it 50mm?

The 25.4 (1") J foot measures 25.7mm ID

I dont understand dear about 50mm what u r asking . Its burly j 1 inch parts n i have get it print by a 3d print service shop.

It should be exactly 25.4 or a hair under depending on your printer. 24.9mm is pretty snug, I suggest you print a 100mm3 test print to verify your printer.

They actually should not have done that under the license they are released under. So small inaccurate parts and slightly unethical business practices, that place is not to upstanding of a business.

I won’t hold it against you though.

I should have said the STL measures 25.7 so should print near to required size.

[attachment file=78337]


So dears are these parts still useful or i should through them in a bin?

Can you fit them on a tube that you have, that is all that matters at this point?

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