Metal V1

I am starting to gather steel to build my 6 x 9 foot table. I would like to go with an all steel or aluminum set up. Are there any ideas, suggestions, cautions, files or examples I can follow or refer to.

I have the Nema 23 steppers and will be using the heavy duty spindle with speed controller etc. refer to Tom Meyer’s upgraded table as I copied his parts list.

All help appreciated.

At 6’x9’, I assume you’re building a Lowrider ?

Yes. I need to be able to put a 4 x 8 sheet on top.

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Do you plan on cutting wood only?

I guess the only caution is weight on the gantry and how much you plan to redesign. You can add stronger steppers but you’re still going to end up with a lot of weight in the middle of two parallel rails. Maybe a four rail system would be better for stiffness but then you’re also left with plastic bearing blocks and lots of weight.

It’s absolutely all possible it’s just a matter of if it will pay off in the end based on what you need it to do.

I agree. One could effect the other in a way that is detrimental. I believe it is breaking it down to one piece at a time. I have Nema 23 high torque, spindle, and metal table. I have already got the 4 poles but plan to use an aluminum plate outside of each set of posts. I wish I knew CAD because I could draw easier

Sounds like a good time to learn!

It’s definately a rabbit hole chasing modifications