Metals Depot for Stainless Tubing

Good morning all, just been searching online for somewhere to purchase stainless tubing online, and found this source. Very reasonably priced I think, especially the shipping cost. There are no local metal mart’s that want to sell to me at a reasonable price, so been looking online.

EDIT: To add website url to top for anyone who wants it. I have no affiliation with this company, nor have I dealt with them before, just found them on a google search.


That looks like a pretty good price. I wonder what 9 foot costs Can you post the web link for us? Thanks

Looks like $43 before shipping.

What are you doing with a 9’ tube, Mike?

Maybe considering an LR capable of 4 x 8 sheets or an upgrade for my MPCNC - lol

The cart OneZero posted is enough for a 4x8 low rider. It only has tubes across the Y and Z. The Y is about 4’8" for a 4’ work area.

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Oh that’s right! I haven’t looked at lengths since building my MPCNC. Thanks Jeff. Saving me money.

Or you might have found a good source for 8x16’ sheets of plywood… :slight_smile:

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Yea, sorry for not posting the link, but the one Jeff posted is correct. Looks like you can spend a few bucks more and get the polished to. I’ve heard stainless is a pain to cut, so I wanted to see how much having them to cut it was going to be, plus going with shorter pieces cut shipping down considerably. Which was a big part of the cost I have been seeing with online places. Just thought others might be in same position as myself and looking online for shipping options.

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No problem. Glad you posted something. Better than nothing

Thanks for this, I was hoping to find a metal supplier in the forum. I’m buying parts for my first build and haven’t read through the instructions yet, but to handle full 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood do I need longer than 4’ tubing? Does the LR sit on the plywood or do you build a table wider than 4’? Also, what’s the recommended length for the 4 vertical tubes?

Look at the LR 2 BOM and it has a size calculator for tubes and I think table.

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I purchased the same tubing, 2 @ 6’ and 1 @ 4’, from Metals Depot 10 days ago and it arrived yesterday with no issues. Total price was almost identical. Shipping was a bit less, probably because they are only 385 miles from me. I believe if you stay under 6’ in length, standard shipping is used. Longer and it ships freight so it’s significantly more expensive. Everywhere else I checked was a lot more expensive including local suppliers.