Metric Fasteners & Bundles

Hi all,

Just finishing up printing the parts for my conduit (F) and all seems to fit quite nicely.

I’ve been now looking at getting the dual endstop bundle but have a question / need some advice regarding metric fasteners (I’m based in France):


I want to use only metric fasteners for ease of maintenance, sourcing spares etc.

The bundle seems to contain only imperial fasteners (except for the motor’s fasteners)


Does a bundle containing metric fasteners exist?

If not - does a bundle containing no fasteners exist (to save on weight/shipping) so I can source these locally?


Failing the above I can of course always just rebuild the bundle from the parts list manually but am afraid of human error so wanted to dig into any alternatives first.


No, it would not save on shipping as it is a flat rate box .

The build is easier with the supplied hardware. Both builds use a #2 Phillips, needle nose pliers. The difference would be a 1/2 wrench instead of a 12mm(?). If you ever needed to replace hardware you can with whatever you want but I think you are overthinking this a bit. Build it get it dirty, build more stuff.

Build it get it dirty, build more stuff
Lol, ok, will go that route then!

Thanks for the response.