Michael Dubno's Zen table

A channel I subscribe to on youtube that does shop tours recently visited Michael Dubno’s shop. He shows a ZenXY like table that is very similar. It has some cool features he speaks about. He also mentions he has a github with the software. He mentions a commercial version. Not sure if he knows about the Zenxy. I figured the software might be something worth looking into.

The whole video is worth watching. Richard Garriott is also in the video for a short time at the beginning.

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Ok you got me at Richard Garriott. I used to love playing the old Ultima games, and also UO.

I only played UO and Shroud of the Avatar. NPCs always killed immersion for me. MMOs had the opportunity to get away from that. A few years ago I gave Richard a ride on my pedicab. I’m no fanboi, but it was nice to see he’s the person I expected him to be. Down to earth and a thinker.

I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.