Mid-Engine v10


Finally got around to welding it together.
I milled an alignment plate from mdf to center everything and this was the test fit after the tack. Its fully welded now.

I picked up a lazy susan bearing from Lowes and mounted the alignment plate to it. Then used that to spin the trans so i didnt have to change positions. Worked beautifully.



Midengine v10… Nasty!

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So, what’s that set-up going in?

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Either a really fast go kart, or a modified version of the 2012 concept renault alpine a110-50…
It depends how the next phase of things go. Ive sliced the 3d model of the body into sections that fit my 20x40 mpcnc. Then used slicer for fusion 360 to create section profiles im cutting out of pressed hardboard. Once they are assembled i will fill the space with foam, shape it, and then fiberglass over the buck to make panel moulds.
The suspension and brakes are from a 986 cayman s as well as the transmission. The engine and electronics are a 07 bmw m6, 504whp s85b50 v10. I had to mill the trans adapter and have a custom chromoly flywheel made from an s65, the v8 version of this block, blank.
The combo is a rip off of the v10 exige from one of the nordic countries, so i know it works.

Fingers crossed things continue to move smoothly.


I look forward to updates, sounds like a neat project!


Sadly I havent made much progress on the car. I sliced up the model in fusion, sent it out to fusion slicer, chopped that into interlocking slices, brought the dxf back to fusion, output the tool paths and have been cutting the sections on the ole mp…

having suffered thru this process, i’m more than aware that a lowrider would have been a better choice.

its a slow process and i’ve had a lot of issues with things along the way that keep pushing the 2month task deeper and deeper into the year. but i’m finally about to wrap up the last section.

my plan is to create the main body shell, and fit the cage inside it so that I dont have to rely on my crooked eyes and math to build a cage and then need to cut and remake everything once the body is done. if that makes sense.


Good to see an update, quite a project and looks like it’s going well. Just curious if this will be a street legal car, track car, race car or??? And being a Chapman fan and his cardinal rule to “add lightness”, curious if you have a target weight for the project?

Lighter, faster… missing my lotus elise now… sold it a few months ago after owning it for many years. It was so light that you’d feel every pebble on the street. Moved like a bat out hell and cornered amazingly. Nice project, look forward to seeing it completed!

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wow, yeah, the elise’s always looked great, but I do not think I could fit in one!

I couldnt fit into an evora when I tried… but i’m 6ft and got stuck in a murcielago once so there is that. had to crawl out of my uncles MG on my hands, but i think everyone has to do that.

This depends on how much a windshield costs… I’m planning to make it street legal, New Mexico is pretty relaxed compared to other states… but some hot rodders claim glass is like 4k for a custom one and I’m not about that life. As you can see below, the glass wraps around pretty far so I cant use anything off the shelf.

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I’m 6’2" and fit in it no problem, with a little headroom to spare. A bunch of years before, had two MG Midgets. One of them, I shoehorned an aluminum v8 in it (have to see if i can find the pictures). You didn’t get in them, you strapped them on…! :rofl::joy: i just like the unusual. If everyone has one, i don’t want it.
Cool looking toy you’re building!

Maybe a silly question but is it really necessary a windshield be glass? I’m in NC and there are some strange regs for ‘homebuilts’. I asked the guy who does my car inspection and had to laugh when he told me you could actually get away with no W/S but you would still need to have a W/S wiper. :roll_eyes:

good question, been awhile since i looked it up… but I do recall the wiper. acrylic and wipers dont mix well though and I may have put that restriction on myself now that I think of it

Oh my… need a wiper, but not a windshield… I’m sure whoever wrote that regulation is probably still laughing !!! :smiley:

I didn’t find it funny when the state written to get my motorcycle endorsement expected me to answer that riding in the oiliest, greasiest part of the lane on the highway, the middle, was the thing to do. Had to read the book and go back the next day to tell them what they wanted to hear. :scream:


100%agree. I swear there must be a group of people paid to come up with the most ridiculous regulations to make things as difficult as possible. Just try to import a vehicle into the U.S.

Saw you’re using suspension from a cayman. Are you using the chasis or going with a custom chasis? Again, very cool project!

Completely custom, by suspension i mean spindles and brakes really. It will be a pushrod suspension. Hell the balljoints are from a jetta.